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Thread: Conservatives Will Never Forget the Obama Amnesty

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    Conservatives Will Never Forget the Obama Amnesty

    by David Bossie 6 Dec 2014, 7:54 AM PDT

    The Republican leadership in the U.S. House decided to let the fight over President Obamaís illegal executive amnesty to slide until next year when thereís a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate to help the cause. That sounds reasonable in theory, but will it make a difference? Quite frankly, Iím worried about it.

    Iím fine with sounding like a broken record, so Iíll say it again, and Iíll continue to say it because I believe it to my core. Citizens Unitedís 500,000 conservative grassroots members and supporters nationwide believe it as well. When will Republicans in Congress finally stand up to this out of control liberal chief executive in the White House and defend the Constitution? Iím concerned weíre once again watching the can being kicked down the road at the expense of our sacred constitutional principles and system of checks and balances.

    Conservatives will never forget the illegal Obama amnesty. In fact, the Obama amnesty will become a rallying cry just like Obamacare continues to be. Conservatives continue to help elect Republican Members of Congress across the country because these candidates promise to fight Obama on critical issues like illegal immigration. Itís time for these Representatives and Senators to make good on a central campaign promise. Itís time for real results!

    On Thursday, House Republicans passed a toothless bill to voice their discontent with Obamaís illegal amnesty executive order. While this rebuke is decent optics and buys some time, it does absolutely nothing to actually help fix the disaster that Obama unilaterally created. The measure passed on highly partisan lines; however one of the five Republicans who voted against the bill was Rep. Marlin Stutzman of Indiana, who stated, ďI am afraid it is nothing more than a symbolic gesture at best and does little to prevent the presidentís dangerous action from being put into place. I strongly believe Congress should continue to listen to our constituents and find meaningful ways to stop it.Ē

    I fully support this statement by Congressman Stutzman and wonder why every Member of Congress Ė supposedly in office to defend their co-equal branch of government Ė isnít saying the same thing.

    President Obamaís illegal amnesty executive order must never be forgotten. All politicians (from either party) who turn a blind eye to this blatant abuse of power must be held accountable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jean View Post
    All politicians (from either party) who turn a blind eye to this blatant abuse of power must be held accountable.
    Nobody is turning a blind eye. Boehner & Co. know what they're doing. What they are doing is using 'Bama as a cover for giving their big money donors the surplus labor that will keep wages down and profits up. These "conservatives" will huff and puff in public, then call their donors and let them know that all will be well.

    Come March, the process of giving legal illegals work permits and social security numbers will be so far along that whoever is in charge in the House will huff and puff some more, while saying that nothing can be done.
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    The headline cased this reaction here.
    "The hell with never forgetting Obama's amnesty, WHAT the hell are they going to do about it" So far, it appears to be a passive approval, yes, kicking the can down the road is passive approval, and until we learn and ACDCEPT that neither major party represents America's and American's interest, they do not need to give us more than lip service; They are so complacent about the issue that they do not even apologize.

    American voters need to take inventory of what they have been voting for and force fed for 30 years on the issue rather than defending their favorite political party and the elite ones of their respective party. It is as simple as being honest and admitting that "IF nothing changes, nothing changes!"

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