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Thread: Donald Trump Bounces Back From The Brink Heading Into Next Debate

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    Donald Trump Bounces Back From The Brink Heading Into Next Debate

    18 Oct 2016

    NEW YORK CITY — Many professional political prognosticators predict Hillary Clinton will win next month’s presidential election over GOP nominee Donald Trump. But they’re wrong.

    “Teflon Don,” as Trump has been called many times, is back on track after the roughest patch of his campaign yet heading into the Las Vegas debate on Wednesday night–all while the Institutional Left propping up Hillary Clinton is withering under scrutiny.

    A new round of polls have put a spring in Trump’s step, as he has reaffirmed his lead in Ohio according to the latest CNN/ORC poll from the Buckeye State and remains within he margin of error right behind Clinton in the latest CNN/ORC polls from Nevada and North Carolina.

    Quinnipiac shows Trump just outside the margin of error right behind Clinton in Florida, and a few points outside the margin of error in Pennsylvania while trailing a bit more but within earshot in Colorado.

    He has retaken the lead nationally in the daily Los Angeles Times/USC poll, after falling into a tie with Clinton, and remains close in other battlegrounds like New Hampshire. In fact, the Live Free or Die state’s latest polling show Trump moving up four points in the latest WBUR survey compared to that firm’s previous results—meaning Trump has actually, despite what the media says, trended upwards since the second presidential debate and the release of a video that sent his campaign into disarray right before the battle he won in St. Louis.

    Before bringing two cute children up on stage with him at his Green Bay, Wisconsin, rally on Monday night, Trump reveled in his comeback.

    “Those polls were great today, but they’re also showing that there’s like an undercurrent that they can’t poll,” Trump said.

    "Remember when I was in the primaries? How’s he doing in such and such—well it looks like he won’t win that state. Then the next day you like win in a landslide, but we’ll take it any way. I guess it’s like people don’t like to say they’re voting for Trump, which is ok, we’ll take it any way we get it. Do you agree? We’ll take it any way we get it. But there’s a big, big undercurrent out there."

    Meanwhile, as allegations from a variety of women who say Trump groped them surface now—decades after the alleged incidents occurred just weeks before an election with little to no proof, and sometimes contradictory witnesses—the mainstream media’s overdrive play against Trump, backed by the Clinton campaign, seems to be backfiring.

    Trump’s team is now back on the offensive against the media and political establishment as a whole, including Hillary Clinton.

    “You look at what is the media covering—the media covers,” retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a Trump surrogate, said on stage at Trump’s Monday evening rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, as the crowd booed the media. “Exactly. They know it. They know it.”

    The crowd broke into a collective chant, shouting at the mainstream media reporters from CNN and other outlets at that point: “Tell The Truth! Tell The Truth! Tell The Truth! Tell The Truth!”

    A grinning Gen. Flynn nodded along. “There’s a great quote—you know what the truth fears?” he asked the crowd of thousands there to see Trump. “The truth fears no questions. The truth fears no questions. So when you tell the truth, you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to say, unlike Hillary Clinton who does not know how to tell the truth. She can’t tell the truth. She doesn’t know the difference between a lie and the truth.”

    Later, before he rapped his rousing introductory speech of Trump, Flynn detailed how “there is an assault” that the media is levying on behalf of Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump.

    “There is a barrage attack going on in the media right now against Donald Trump,” Flynn said. “It’s unbelievable.”

    The crowd booed the reporters in the back of the room, as Flynn explained how the media operates.

    “The folks that are here, they’re here like a soldier—they’re not in charge,” Flynn said. “But I’m going to tell you those that run these organizations, it’s unbelievable.”

    Then Flynn cited the new report from the Center for Public Integrity that detailed how the majority of the media is officially backing Hillary Clinton for president—with financial contributions.

    “Today we found out 96—almost 97—percent of donations coming out of the journalist community go to Hillary Clinton,” Flynn said.

    "Almost 97 percent. Unbelievable. It’s unbelievable. It’s 96.6 percent of the journalist community, the donations go to Hillary Clinton. So when you’re talking about a liberal bias in the mainstream media, it’s for real. It’s for real. So what we ask and what I want, what I want is honesty from people. If you’re going to deal with me, what you see is what you get out of Mike Flynn in this case. OK? And we have got to be honest with the American public."

    But it’s not just what Flynn was talking about there in Green Bay or that Center for Public Integrity report.

    WikiLeaks has now published thousands of pages of emails from the account of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta that prove the entire institutions of the mainstream media is in the pocket of Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

    A new tranche of emails published on Tuesday show Politico’s Glenn Thrush letting Podesta himself edit an article he was writing about him, contrary to Politico’s editorial policies. When Ken Vogel, a different Politico reporter, was caught doing the same thing in emails published over the summer in the Democratic National Committee (DNC) email release that led to the resignation of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) as that organization’s chairwoman, Politico apologized for the practice and Politico said that sharing articles prior to publication with subjects was not its policy. But Thrush has been defiant, refusing to apologize, and admitting that he has violated Politico policy many more times than this instance.

    Glenn Thrush ✔ @GlennThrush
    Absolutely. I read everything back to everybody when practical-- always. Rarely email, not u see why!
    5:22 PM - 17 Oct 2016

    Glenn Thrush ✔ @GlennThrush
    Little unnerving -- but fascinating to be in the middle of a ginned-up, self-serving shit-storm pushed by fake, in-the-bag partisan media.
    4:46 PM - 17 Oct 2016

    Glenn Thrush ✔ @GlennThrush
    My goal in emailing Podesta: TO GET HIM TO CONFIRM STUFF I HAD FROM LESSER SOURCES. It worked. Nobody controls my stories but me. Troll on!
    4:33 PM - 17 Oct 2016

    The WikiLeaks-published Podesta emails show that New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman was considered a “friendly journalist” who “never disappointed” the Clinton campaign. Meanwhile, multiple other reporters, anchors, editors, producers and journalists media wide are implicated in the scandal, having dined at the home of a top Clinton staffer days before she launched her presidential campaign and sent the Clintons questions prior to interviews and even presidential debates.

    The problem is so incessant and the corruption is so heavily rooted throughout the establishment, the proprietor and founder of the Drudge Report Matt Drudge noted on Twitter, that the media cannot “cover WikiLeaks Podesta shitstorm – because so much of it involves them!”

    Drudge Tweeted that it will end up taking a full “generation to recover from this corruption.”

    Media CAN'T cover WikiLeaks Podesta shitstorm - because so much of it involves them! Will take a generation to recover from this corruption.
    8:42 AM - 15 Oct 2016

    Trump himself went further than Flynn.

    “The media is an extension of the Clinton campaign as WikiLeaks have proven,” Trump said Monday night. “They don’t talk about WikiLeaks, they just keep talking about Trump, Trump, Trump. They want to put nice sexy headlines up even though nothing happened, nothing took place, even though it’s a total fabrication. They’ve got to start talking about WikiLeaks—they got to start talking about the things that are going on. Hillary even got the questions and answers—“

    The crowd broke out again into another chant at the reporters in the back, yelling: “TELL THE TRUTH! TELL THE TRUTH! TELL THE TRUTH!”

    A smiling Trump gave his supporters a big thumbs up before he continued: “We need some truth.”

    “We need truth,” he said. “We do need truth. You know, to Make America Great Again we do need some truth from these people because they poison the minds of voters because not everybody understands what’s happening and by the time they do it might be too late. They’re poisoning the minds of voters.”

    Trump continued after a protester interrupted.

    “Hillary even got the questions and answers ahead of a major debate—how do you do that?” Trump noted. “Think of it: Nobody made a big deal. Nobody even knows about it. She got the questions in advance to essentially a debate. Can you imagine if Donald Trump got the questions in advance? You know what they’d do? They’d reinvent the electric chair, that’s what they’d do.”

    Meanwhile, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas uncovered in his team’s latest investigation serious corruption throughout the institutional left, from the top of Clinton’s campaign with campaign manager Robby Mook on down through a field director at the leftwing grassroots group Americans United for Change.

    That field director, Scott Foval, has been fired from the organization just hours after O’Keefe’s latest video, but other actors throughout their astroturf movement—at the Clinton campaign, grassroots progressive organizers on the ground, staffers at the Democratic National Committee and the lead activists at the Democracy Partners organization that serves as the beating heart of the radical left—remain intact for now.

    Wrap it all together with revelations coming out of the FBI that during the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illicit home brew email server, the FBI considered a “quid pro quo” with the State Department regarding classification of Hillary Clinton’s emails after the fact.

    Despite her claims to the contrary, on her insecure private email system while Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton regularly sent and received classified information multiple times while it was classified putting that information at significant risk. Donald Trump and his campaign have called for the resignation of Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy, and argue it casts doubt on the FBI director James Comey’s decision to not recommend indictment of Hillary Clinton in the matter.

    All of that—from what has been uncovered in the WikiLeaks scandal to the O’Keefe videos to the quid pro quo discoveries from the FBI investigation, and more—paints what Trump says is a picture of a “rigged” system, and have stalled what the media thought was Clinton’s inevitable ascendency into the White House.

    Trump’s challenge in Wednesday evening’s debate with Clinton—their third and final showdown—and in the days between then and election day on Nov. 8 is clear. He aims to remain on message, and frame his campaign as one against the entire political class. He is unafraid to run against all of Washington, D.C.—both political parties, the entire failed political institution, the media and all powers that be—and whether he can deliver that message around the corrupted media directly to voters remains to be seen.

    “You have the disappearance of 13 iPhones, many of them whacked with a hammer—who here has gotten rid of your phone and hit it with a hammer?” Trump asked his crowd in Green Bay. “How many people? Anybody? Nobody?”

    As one person raised his hand, Trump joked: “Oh I want to find out the business that guy’s in.”

    “But she whacked them with a hammer, 13 of them,” Trump said of Clinton’s destruction of her cell phones. “Two boxes—I don’t know if you even know this—two boxes of email evidence has gone missing two weeks ago, and the destruction of laptops in a secret deal with the FBI. Remember also that Crooked Hillary lied under oath to Congress saying she never sent or received classified information on her insecure server.”

    As the crowd chanted “Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!” Trump continued.

    “And she pretended not to know that the letter ‘C’ meant confidential information that was classified,” Trump said.

    "Hillary then told the FBI she couldn’t remember 39 times—bad memory—and then in her written testimony last week under oath she couldn’t remember approximately 21 times. Can anyone believe the stuff they say? I’ll tell you, look, I’ll tell you: This is one of the great miscarriages of justice in the history of this country. What’s happened to the Department of Justice, what’s happened to the FBI is so sad. You have so many incredible people in Justice and in the FBI and they must be absolutely reeling, they probably don’t believe themselves and what’s going on. We’re witnessing a criminal enterprise that has turned our government into a vehicle for the Clintons’ personal profit at your expense. But it gets worse. It gets worse. The FBI documents show Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy made the request for altering classification as part of a ‘quid pro quo.’ In other words, a deal. This is felony corruption by any standard. Undersecretary Kennedy needs to resign. So Clinton and her cronies have sacrificed your security, your family’s safety and your country’s safety, as though it meant nothing to her at all—which it didn’t. This magnitude is worse in my opinion—and the opinion of many in law enforcement—this is worse than Watergate, what is going on with this. What does she get out of it? She gets to run for the presidency of the United States. But we’re going to put an end to that on Nov. 8."

    Trump also hammered the WikiLeaks revelations in the rally.

    “Another series of emails shows top officials in the Clinton campaign scheming to take massive sums of money from foreign lobbyists,” Trump said. “One of the emails from a top Hillary official said ‘TAKE THE MONEY.’ And you know what they had? Exclamation [point, exclamation point]. This is money bundled on behalf of foreign governments. Remember: We’re competing in a rigged election. This is a rigged election, folks, okay?”
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