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    Donald Trump Roasts hillary at Al Smith Dinner Speech

    "Hillary went to confession and the priest asked her about her sins and she couldn't remember 39 times".... many other funnies. Many not so funny but applicable.

    hillary's roasting of Trump is next in queue at the you tube link after Trump's, if interested in seeing it. Two candidates reading a written script to infuse humor into the election for the reason of raising monies for charity. But fako hillary can't follow the reason for the event, instead dictates her hypocritical lies throughout. hillary claims she did a lot of good works and after trashing Catholics in a wikileaks email is calling upon globalist Pope Francis.

    She also talks about how we can do more for each other after wikileaks reveals she treated our secret service employees like trash, told one to get the f'in dog out of her quarters and hit one on the back of the head as he was driving.

    She claims her performance enhancer was "preparation" - like with lester holt?

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    I thought the Watergate Commission joke was hilarious. But that's one the crowd booed. Elites have no real sense of humor. The Watergate Commission was supposed to be about stopping corruption, but Hillary was so corrupt even then, she was fired from the Commission. That's true, and it was a good joke!! I'll be so glad when Trump is President and all these stupid high and mighty "elites" are put in their place.


    We're in the 8th inning and this isn't over until it's over.

    GO TRUMP GO!!!

    Remember, the truth about the rigged polls is coming out now thanks to Wikileaks. What we thought was the case, IS THE CASE, internal docs prove it, so anyone claiming Trump is "behind" is wrong. He's ahead, it's close, and could still go either way, but for now he's ahead by 1 to 2%. And that's a FACT you can take to the bank.

    Like Trump says "watch what happens".

    Trump's got this, if we've got his back.
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
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