22 Oct 2016

Donald Trump took the stage to a massive ovation from thousands of people in Cleveland, Ohio, where he is leading a key battleground state with seventeen days to go.

“Thank you to the people of Cleveland for hosting our convention. We had a pretty good the last time, didn’t we?” Trump said.

“I love those pink, Women For Trump! Those are my favorite. Oh, we are going to do well with the women. Watch what happens on November 8th,” Trump said to a crowd of female supporters.

“We are going to win the great state of Ohio,” Trump said. “We have something so special, I don’t think there’s a chance they can take it away from us. We’re going to win! We’re going to win!”

“In seventeen days, everything is going to change.”

Trump was introduced by Rudy Giuliani and his running mate Mike Pence, who said that “It’s 2 on 1 every day with the mainstream media doing Hillary Clinton’s work for her. Do you ever notice? But Donald Trump is still winning hearts and minds.”

“This movement is coming together. America is coming together,” Pence said.

By the first heckler interruption, there were nearly 40,000 people watching a Facebook live stream of the event.

Trump asked the heckler if he was paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign, referring to the latest James O’Keefe undercover sting video.

Pence greeted thousands of Trump supporters who were waiting outside prior to the event. The crowd was reportedly “mostly women.”

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Vaughn Hillyard @VaughnHillyard
Man to Pence: "Please tell Donald Trump to stick to the issues, and he'll beat Hillary. I'm tired of the crap...if anybody can tell him."
12:22 PM - 22 Oct 2016 · Columbus, OH, United States

Henry J. GomezVerified account
Former @Cavs coach Mike Fratello in VIP seating tonight for Trump's Cleveland rally.

2:52 PM - 22 Oct 2016

Bill Mitchell ✔ @mitchellvii
Don't be depressed #TrumpTrain. Be EXCITED. We are winning. Trump's speech today was epic. Where is Hillary's answer?
jordan walker @Jordan_walker12
@mitchellvii at the trump rally in Cleveland! Great crowd, mostly women! This really is a great movement
3:23 PM - 22 Oct 2016

USA For Trump 2016
3 hours before the @realDonaldTrump rally in Cleveland, OH and thousands of people are waiting for him! This is more than a movement!

2:30 PM - 22 Oct 2016

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David Martosko ✔ @dmartosko
YUGE Trump & Pence crowd in my hometown of Cleveland tonight. When I was a kid, fewer People than this would go to Cavaliers games.
4:17 PM - 22 Oct 2016 · Brook Park, OH, United States

Sia NyorkorVerified account
Thousands here for at @ixcenter for @realDonaldTrump & @GovPenceIN rally. Many holding "Veterans For Trump" signs. #Election2016

3:18 PM - 22 Oct 2016