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    Endless invasion of America

    By Pat Buchanan

    Published: Tuesday, June 10, 2014, 9:00 p.m.
    Updated 2 hours ago

    For 10 days, Americans have argued over the wisdom of trading five Taliban senior commanders for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. President Obama handed the Taliban a victory, critics contend, and imperiled U.S. troops in Afghanistan when the five return to the battlefield. Moreover, he has inspired other Islamists to capture more Americans to trade.

    But which represents the greater long-term threat to the security of our nation: sending those five Taliban leaders to Doha or releasing into the U.S. population last year 36,000 criminal illegal aliens?

    According to a May report of the Center for Immigration Studies, of the 36,000 criminal aliens who were set free by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, 193 had been convicted of homicide, 426 of sexual assault, 303 of kidnaping, 1,075 of aggravated assault, 1,160 for stolen vehicles, 9,187 for possession or use of dangerous drugs, and 16,070 for driving drunk or drugged.

    How goes the Third World invasion of the United States? According to the AP, the U.S. Border Patrol's Rio Grande Valley sector made 148,017 arrests from Oct. 1 to May 17, while 62,876 were caught in the Tucson sector. And that figure tells us only how many were caught, not how many got in or how many of those caught were released and now reside among us.

    Among those caught crossing into Texas these last seven months were 47,000 unaccompanied children. The Border Patrol estimates that by Sept. 30, apprehensions of children and teenagers in this fiscal year could reach 90,000.

    “This is a humanitarian crisis and it requires a humanitarian response,” says Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski of the surge in children from Central America across the U.S. border.

    Attorney General Eric Holder has risen to the crisis. The U.S. will now provide lawyers for children who enter illegally, to fight their battle in U.S. courts to stay. “We're taking this historic step,” says Holder, “to protect the rights of the most vulnerable members of our society.”

    Somehow the core contention of James Burnham's “Suicide of the West,” out 50 years ago, comes to mind. “Liberalism,” wrote Burnham, “is the ideology of Western suicide.”

    Treating with contempt U.S. and European laws, peoples from failed states of the Third World are steadily filling up our countries and reducing our native-born into shrinking national majorities. If this continues over many more decades, Western nations as we knew them will disappear forever.

    What would constitute a pro-American immigration policy? A moratorium on all immigration until unemployment among U.S. citizens falls below 5 percent. A 15-foot security fence from San Diego to the Gulf, with Border Patrol outposts every 10 miles. Fines and community service for businessmen who hire illegal aliens.

    Europe is facing the same crisis. Yet as we saw in the May European parliamentary elections, the peoples of Europe are not going quietly into that good night that their elites have prepared for them. They want to preserve the unique countries that they once were.

    The Republican establishment is prepared to collaborate with Barack Obama on a halt to deportations and partial amnesty. If so, we shall find out whether the Republican Party still has a heart and soul, or whether it comes down to the money.
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    No need for anybody to hold their breath: It does come down to the money for sell out Republicans. They're pandering to their big-money donors - the ones who want a docile, unorganized surplus labor force.

    Democrats are no better. They're selling out what's left of the American middle class in order to get a lock on national elected offices.

    'Bama is leading the Demos' sell out. He'll give de facto amnesty to 60,000 illegal kids, while completely ignoring the approximately 60,000 foster children in California. Those kids will be termed out of care when they reach 18 years old. Too bad that 'Bama could care less about them.
    Americans first in this magnificent country

    American jobs for American workers

    Fair trade, not free trade

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