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    Eric Cantor just became Eric Canít

    Eric Cantor just became Eric Canít

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    Jun 11, 2014 0 122

    It looks like somebody forgot to tell Virginia voters that the Tea Party is dead. Eric Cantor, number two in the House Republican leadership, just became ground zero in the fight to stop comprehensive immigration reform, known to rational people as amnesty.
    Over the next few days Democrats and so-called moderate Republicans will be flooding the airwaves with several memes.

    Blah, blah, blah.

    Certainly there is some truth in the first three points, butÖ
    it was a low turnout election, about 12% of registered voters showed up at the polls. What the pundits wonít tell you is that the turnout was 50% higher this year than two years ago when Cantor carried 79% of the vote. In fact, Cantor received fewer votes this year than he did two years ago. In the last primary Cantor won 37,369 votes, this year, less than 29,000.
    Cantor ran a lousy campaign and he shunned voters in his district. Yes, he did and yes he did. On the other hand, Cantor has 100% name recognition and his opponent was likely mistaken for either a hotdog like food or a snotty kid (Dave Brat.) Mr. Brad has no experience in retail politics, heís a faculty member teaching economics at a local college. (His Democratic opponent teaches at the same college.) Then thereís the money factor. The actual dollars spent by the candidates is hard to determine at this point, there are numbers all over the lot. As of their FEC filings in the middle of May, Brat had spent $122,793, while Cantor had spent $5,026,626, or over 40 times as much. There are other estimates that have Cantor spending only about $2.5 million, but when all is said and done, Cantor had the incumbentís advantage in money. It didnít matter.
    Our favorite headline on the subject of money comes from HotAir: Cantor spent $168,000 at steakhouses; Dave Brat spent $122,000 overall.
    Bottom line, those excuses are just that, excuses. Did they influence some votes? Absolutely. Heck, if you look hard enough youíll probably find somebody who voted against Cantor because heís a Jooooooooooo. Did they swing the election to Brat? Absolutely not. You can expect the losers to be trotting out some new and even more clever excuses over the next week or so, they need to be able to deny reality.
    So, what is reality? Reality is that Cantorís push for immigration reform amnesty cost him the election. Youíre probably asking how The Curmudgeon could possibly know that. Itís easy. Just listen to the White House and Senate Democrats. To paraphrase whoever wrote Shakespeare, the opposition doth protest too much, methinks. They were Barry-on-the-spot with their cries that Cantor lost because he was straddling the line, declaring his opposition to amnesty while trying to work with the President. Just look at Lindsay Graham, the guy who led the Gang of Eight! He won his Senate primary in a walk!
    Graham won for lots of reasons weíre not going to go into here, but his position on immigration reform amnesty wasnít one of them.
    Dave Brat successfully made this primary battle about amnesty. He was so successful, he forced Cantor to respond, and he responded with mailers and statements that were outright lies. They were so bad, Brat didnít have to point them out, the local media did the job for him. That would be the local media that supported Cantor.
    Weíre going to close with what Dave Brat had to say about his victory. Mr. Brat is not some fire breathing Tea Party lunatic, he just happens to be a very thoughtful, well spoken gentleman. A college professor in the mold of college professors of old, way back when they taught, rather than indoctrinated, their students.
    ďThe entire amnesty and low-wage agenda collapses if Cantor loses ó all the billions of special interests dollars, all the favors, all the insider dealing ó all of it is stopped in its tracks tomorrow if the patriotic working families of Virginia send Eric Cantor back home tomorrow.
    Tomorrow, the middle class has its chance to fight back.
    Tomorrow, the people of Virginia can show up to the polls and defeat the entire crony corporate lobby.
    Tomorrow, we can restore our borders, rebuild our communities, and revitalize our middle class.Ē
    That sounds like Change We Can Believe In!
    Oh, and weíre not worried about a Democrat winning Cantorís seat, not only is Brat a well spoken, thoughtful candidate, heís also in a a district that Barack Obama got 43% of the votes in 2012, back when he was popular.

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    THE CANTOR CATASTROPHE: Or, ‘How Little Lord Fauntleroy Got His Ass Handed To Him’

    By Clash Daily / 12 June 2014

    How did Eric Cantor manage to epically lose to Dave Brat after spending millions of dollars campaigning against him? It seems like Cantor would have had more going for him, but according to the Daily Mail his hubris was his demise:
    He should have been hugging babies and otherwise schmoozing his constituents in his district in a last minute effort to get out the vote.

    But seven-term congressman Eric Cantor was so convinced he would come out the victor in his party’s primary, the Virginia Republican reportedly spent yesterday morning at a Starbucks in Washington, D.C. powwowing with lobbyists two hours away.

    Hubris is what ultimately brought the once-powerful Republican lawmaker down, political operatives say, not just his moderate political positions and perceived support for amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    Brat has twice served on Virginia’s Joint Advisory Board of Economists and is the former president of the Virginia Association of Economists. He a member of his local Republican Party, but he appears to have no past political experience.
    The first-time candidate spent less than $200,000 on his congressional race compared to Cantor’s $5 million. Cantor spent more money on steak dinners than Brat spent in total.

    ‘Brat was always an afterthought’ to Cantor and his campaign,’even as they spent a lot of money,’ a Virginia political operative told the Washington Post. ‘Central Virginia politics was changing around them and they did not see it.’

    ‘Cantor’s field effort was nonexistent,’ he said.

    Instead, Cantor relied on sending mailers to constituents that informed them he was anti-amnesty and running TV ads that accused Brat of being ‘a liberal college professor’ in league with Democratic governor Tim Kaine.
    The negative ads ended up backfiring.

    Read more: Daily Mail


    Hey I don't know about you all but I am tired to death of this complaining about ERIC CANTOR by the Repugnant RINO"s, and Media Puppets, how about just passing some CHEESE with that whine why don't ya!!!!!
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    Amnesty Lost Big in Cantorís Defeat

    by Phyllis Schlafly

    June 18, 2014

    Elections have consequences, and the stunning defeat of the heir apparent for leadership of the Republican Party, Eric Cantor, continues to reverberate throughout the political world. Completely caught off guard by this spectacular upset, the liberal media are scrambling to try to spin the story as something other than what it obviously was.
    The message of the voters to Eric Cantor and the entire Nation was this: ďno amnesty.Ē This was a slap in the face of the Chamber of Commerce that has been demanding so-called ďimmigration reformĒ as a way for big business to get cheap labor from illegal aliens, while able-bodied Americans are left on unemployment and while the rest of us have to deal with the crime and other costs caused by rampant illegal immigration.

    Eric Cantor did not merely lose a tight election, but lost by a landslide of 11 percentage points to a virtually unknown challenger in a race that no one thought the Majority Leader could lose. Cantor became the first Majority Leader to lose in his own primary in U.S. history.
    The media did not think the race was even worth covering, and they did not bother sending anyone to do exit polls of voters. But they need look no further than what Dave Brat says on his website, what he said while campaigning, and what he has said in the few interviews that he gave after his extraordinary victory.
    ďDave believes that we need to secure the border before addressing immigration reform. Dave is opposed to amnesty,Ē his website boldly declares, while sharply contrasting his position with that of Eric Cantor, who favored amnesty for most illegal aliens up to age 30.
    The support of amnesty for kids by Cantor, which Dave Brat sharply criticized shortly before the election, has apparently been heard loud and clear south of the border. Tens of thousands of children from Central America have recently swarmed over our border, giving Homeland Security a colossal problem.
    In the past, the number of children crossing our southern border have totaled about 7,000 to 8,000 annually. But that quantity increased to 13,000 in 2012, then to more than 24,000 in 2013, and government estimates for this year of the number of illegal crossings by children was 60,000 before the recent surges indicate it could be even more, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.
    More, indeed, as the number of illegal crossings by Central American children into our country reached 47,000 by last month, making it likely it will exceed 100,000 in this year alone.
    This pathetic tragedy has resulted in placing many children in harmís way. Even the Obama Administration is obviously unable to fully protect all these children, and lacks proper facilities for housing them.
    With all the investigative reporters standing by to try to find some dirt on Republicans like Dave Brat, hovering outside his family home all day to pounce on him whenever he emerges, why hasnít anyone determined how so many children have made it to our border? They obviously didnít walk across Mexico alone.
    No one seems to know how they got here, or those who do know are not telling us. But it is clear why tens of thousands of children have suddenly shown up at our doorstep: their families want the amnesty and citizenship that Eric Cantor and big business donors were quietly promising them.
    One thousand of these of these poor children are being housed in a facility in Nogales, Texas, but there are far too many additional children who are crossing the border into Texas even for that large state to accommodate. The Obama Administration is transferring many of these children to Arizona, but officials there are furious at being burdened with this immense responsibility.
    Why are we surprised by this avoidable tragedy? If a border fence had been built as promised, then this dangerous wandering by children across our southern border would not be occurring.
    Dave Brat, fresh from the biggest political upset in a generation, explained again to the public how wrongheaded amnesty is. ďIf you really want to help the rest of the world, what youíve got to do is encourage free markets, private property rights and the strong rule of law and get rid of the dictators in a lot of these countriesĒ that are sending children to us.
    Liberals do not like that approach because they expect illegal aliens to become Democratic Party voters. The Chamber of Commerce does not like Bratís approach because big business expects illegal aliens to become cheap, controllable labor for the companies.
    But American voters accept the obvious truth against amnesty that Dave Brat articulates. Every Republican should heed the clear message sent by the voters in retiring the Majority Leader of the House.

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