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    Geraldo Rivera Suffers Week-Long Mental Breakdown Fellow Hosts Use The Word Illegals

    Geraldo Rivera Suffers Week-Long Mental Breakdown After Fellow Hosts Use The Word Illegals
    It saddens me to know what old age does to a man. Take for instance the case of...

    Geraldo Rivera Suffers Week-Long Mental Breakdown After Fellow Hosts Use The Word Illegals

    By V. Saxena
    July 31, 2014

    It saddens me to know what old age does to a man. Take for instance the case of barely senile Insta-nudist Geraldo Rivera. This 71-year-old man clearly seems to be experiencing the onset of severe dementia.

    What else would explain why on Monday of this week, he scolded the beautiful, lovely, enchanting and unfortunately married (for the most part) ladies of Fox News talk show Outnumbered for simply using the term illegals.
    Check the heated exchange below:
    [Ainsley Earhardt: These illegals need to do it the right way. Because my mother is a school teacher and she’s preached to stand on your own two feet. Autonomy is so important. And we need to teach these illegals that when they come to our country, do it the right way.
    Geraldo Rivera: Every time you say “illegals,” it’s like fingernails on a blackboard!
    Ainsley Earhardt: They’re not legal! They’re not legal! You like 'illegal aliens' better?
    Geraldo Rivera: Legal or illegal is an adjudication. It is a finding. It’s not, it’s not an adjective to describe a person.
    Andrea Tantaros: But is the act of breaking the law legal?
    Geraldo Rivera: Without documentation. Why illegal aliens? We, we, we create, we create this monstrous image of these essentially law-abiding, hard working people…
    Ainsley Earhardt: They’re not law-abiding . . .
    Geraldo Rivera: The only law they’ve ever broken is to come across without any documentation.
    Jedediah Bila: That’s not law-abiding. That’s illegal!

    Geraldo Rivera: But they commit fewer crimes than, than citizens do.]
    Oh, my dear God in heaven . . .
    Remind me to one day moon Geraldo and then curse him out for accusing me of engaging in indecent exposure. Why you labeling me, bro!?
    Semantics, people. Semantics. Geraldo clearly likes to play the game of semantics.
    Regardless, the dinosaur of a man only amped up his rhetoric on Wednesday.
    The Washington Times reports:
    [Fox News host Geraldo Rivera has accused conservative blogger Matt Drudge of trying to inflame conservatives and "stir up a civil war," due to his website’s aggressive coverage of the border crisis.
    "Shame on Drudge," Mr. Rivera tweeted Wednesday morning. "His authoritative website has gone hysterical on issue of immigrant children. 14 stories like 'Could Ebola sneak across?'"]
    Get that? Geraldo now feels it proper to castigate legendary news aggregator Matt Drudge simply because Drudge himself thinks it important to report on the pressing issue of illegal immigration. This despite the fact that according to a new poll conducted by the Associated press and Gfk, “two-thirds of Americans now say illegal immigration is a serious problem for the country.” This also despite the fact that every single one of the links mentioned by Rivera lead to genuine news stories pieced together by credible news organization.
    No, no, no. Geraldo clearly feels some grade of sympathy for the illegals (completely understandable), so the rest of us must therefore change the way we speak and change the way we cover the news.
    Get it together, Geraldo, because your entitlement is showing!
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    I wonder how V. Saxena would categorize me. She/he seems to blame Rivera's attitudinal problems on age. He has always been one with attitude. Maybe I'd be best respected not to tell I have a b'day coming up. This seems to be a case of the kettle calling the pot black!

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    To me just looking at Geraldo Rivera's mustache is like nails on a chalkboard. He gives me the creeps.

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