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    Glenn Beck Transcript for Immigration Bill


    Transcript from June 8th, 2007

    Let me give you the -- the news from the Associated Press. Broad immigration bill to legalize millions of people, US unlawfully suffered a stunning set back on the -- in the Senate on Thursday. Who is this stunning for? Bipartisan compromise championed by the president failed a crucial test when it couldn't attract a simple margined for an effort to speed its passage. Balance was worth advancing. Ted Kennedy said we can -- we can find different aspects of the legislation that we differ with. But doing nothing is not an alternative.

    Wow. Wow. That's interesting to hear from, honestly, the people who have lost election after election after election because they just wanted to hate George Bush and didn't offer any alternative, doing nothing is not an alternative.

    Hey, Ted, it's not that the people of -- of America don't have nothing. I mean we -- we -- we've got something here. We've got a plan. It's called seal the border. Stop the hemorrhaging. Arlen Specter said, I believe that we will yet succeed.

    You know, that's the truest thing Arlen Specter ever said. Yeah, you're right, Arlen, you weasels in Washington will succeed.

    Frank Sherry, the executive director of National Immigration Forum, called the -- the defeat a huge dispiment too immigrant communities and those seeking a solution to the dysfunctional immigration system in America.

    Huge disappointment to the immigrant communities? I would think that legal immigrants would be hacked off. I would think that anybody who wants to come here or trying to come here and doing it the right way would be celebrating. That they're not going to be pushed into the back of the line.

    They feel the results was a matter of politicians, particularly the Republicans not wanting to confront immigration, not wanting to confront conservatives members of their own parties in order to let the majority's will and the people's will prevail.

    These guys just don't get it. Here's the people's will. We'd like not to be vaporized. We'd like it so no guy with TB can come across the border in a car while they're looking for him and have him talk to border guards. That's what the people's will is. We'd like not to be killed by terrorists. When you fix that, you let us know and then we'll -- we'll work on the, you know, the whole bipartisan compromise on what we're going to do with the illegals that are here. Oh, these people hack me off. They just don't get it.

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