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    A. Goat Write in Candidate Endorsed for ALASKA

    It appears the fine people of Alaska have NO CHOICE at the ballot if they want a candidate willing to uphold our existing immigration laws.

    ALIPAC is endorsing A. Goat as a write in for this race.

    Take a look at the terrible positions these people hold. ... &go33.y=10
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    I could not get the web site to pull up.
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    Good site, thanks for the reference. Makes it easier to decide whom I'm voting for in Nov.

    On the Alaska elections, the Libertarian candidate there strikes me as the "least offensive" of the choices offered. But I admit, writing in Mr. A. Goat does have an appeal. Same for Ms. Bag O. Leaves and Mrs. Sack O. Hammers.
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    I would agree with A. Goat. You go the webites of the current Congressmen or Senators and they don't even have immigration listed as a issue on their webiste. They don't care about illegal immigration. Apparently, they are self absorbed with Alaska that the rest of America can go to pot. I think we should invite them for a trip to the border in July. Maybe then they will begin to understand our world. El Paso is nice that time of year and they can spend the night in Laredo at a hotel sitting on the border. It would seem like a bunch of scared snow bunnies in the hot turbulent desert.

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    Unfortunately I'm thinking about doing the same thing with my choices for house rep here in VA. I get to pick my non choices of Pretend Republican Tom Davis or Commiecrat Andrew Hurst. I think I'll go with C, Mr Goat.
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