The Hard News: Washington Post Describes Trump's Hair in 100 Ways

We're awaiting the pieces insulting Hillary's and Obama's physical characteristics.

6.6.2016 NewsTrey Sanchez

There hasn't been a slow news week in quite some time but that didn't stop The Washington Post from spending time aggregating "The 100 greatest descriptions of Donald Trump's hair ever written."

Writer Monica Hesse explains her assigned journalistic endeavor:

[D]escribing the headstuff of the leading Republican presidential candidate has been elevated to an art form. Is is swirled or swooped? Animal or vegetable? (Mineral?) Burnt sienna or orange Creamsicle?

Here, in the most comprehensive and highly scientific endeavor of its kind, culled from 30 years of news articles, we present the top 100 unique descriptors of the Trump mane, written by journalists or pontificators who secretly fancy themselves poets.

And then the listicle, assembled from the pages of many leftist publications, where Trump's hair is described as everything from "Burnt Cheetos auburn," to "a decomposing ear of corn," to simply, "Hair."

Yes, Hess is a staff writer in the Post Style section and yes, this fits in the "Arts and Entertainment" category, but where is the article mocking Hillary Clinton's or President Obama's physical characteristics? The sheer joy Hesse exhibits in ridiculing a Republican presidential candidate's appearance (she highlighted her favorites) speaks to her innate hypocrisy. Isn't picking at people's looks a giant no-no as a leftist?

An impudent comment on Hesse's story shines a bright light on this bigotry:

This is really clever, and the Post distinguishes itself with good journalism like this. It reminds me of that same column you did 7 years ago about the President's distinguishing feature, those jug ears.

Or another, who is anxiously awaiting Hesse's next hit piece:

Monica, can we do a "100 funniest description of Hillary's leg's and pantsuits" column?

Or is that misogyny?

When The Washington Post isn't busy mocking Republicans' looks, it's busy mocking how they dress.

Because "hard news," or something.

The Hard News: Washington Post Describes Trump's Hair in 100 Ways