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    Harry Reid, Nevada, our newest traitor

    on Lou Dobbs tonight, a report spotlighted Harry Reid of Nevada as saying hes changed his mind on amnesty for 12 million illegals. the report says the change can be blamed on his wife whos father is a russian immigrant (could be wrong and it might be her thats the immigrant)

    the fact that 10 percent of the voters in his district in nevada are hispanic.

    He has backtracked since a 93 bill he introduced where he wanted stiff sanctions on illegals and employers who hire them.

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    Hi Jamesw62.

    Follow the money.


    What part of "We don't owe our jobs to India" are you unable to understand, Senator?

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    As a Nevadan, I'm ashamed of Harry Reid.
    All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing. -Edmund Burke

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