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    Exclamation Help needed with a very effective way to block amnesty

    One of the best ways to block amnesty is to show its leading supporters wrong. Yes, you and I know they're wrong, but millions of other people don't. The August townhalls are a perfect opportunity to show politicians wrong, and I need help to organize efforts to go to those townhalls and ask tough questions.

    Most people going to the August townhalls will simply express their anger at the situation. Politicians know how to deal with that and will engage in their usual tricks like pivoting to another topic. Simply expressing emotions might make you feel better, but long experience shows it doesn't work that well.

    What politicians aren't used to are tough questions designed to show them wrong. They don't get that from the media, they don't get that from the vast majority of their constituents, and they rarely get it from their colleagues. Asking them tough questions - rather than just venting - will throw them off their game. Using tough questions to show how what they promote is wrong or that they're misleading is how to change their behavior.

    If you go to a townhall and tell a politician "I oppose amnesty", the politician will respond by saying he doesn't support amnesty, and then will just go in to a stock speech in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

    On the other hand, if you ask a politician that wants more skilled immigration a question like this, they're going to have trouble pivoting: "Liberia has some of the fewest doctors per capita in the world. If some of their doctors emigrate to the U.S., what impact will that have on Liberia's response to ebola outbreaks?"

    Likewise with asking an amnesty supporter a question like this: "You support legalizing most illegal aliens. Will some of those who are legalized be able to move up in the job market and compete with Americans they can't compete with now, yes or no?" If they say yes, then you ask them what impact that new competition will have on, for instance, WalMart cashiers. If they say no, ask why AgJOBS sought to keep ex-illegal alien farmworkers on the job by denying them the chance for citizenship if they left farm work.

    Video of a politician being made to look bad would be very powerful: it's something their opponent could use and it might get linked by Drudge and go viral.

    What I can do is come up with the questions to ask; see the links here for dozens of examples. On request, I can come up with questions tailored to specific politicians. I can also come up with a line of questioning: the initial question, how the politician might respond, and your follow-up questions. (My best contact method is to send me a tweet: @24AheadDotCom).

    What I can't do is organize efforts to get people to go to individual meetings and ask the questions. That's what I need you to do. There's a map of the August meetings here, so please find one in your area, find some possible questions, and go ask them. Preferably you'd do that on video which you'd upload to Youtube immediately and then post around the internet. But, even if you don't have video write down a transcript of the exchange and post it somewhere.

    If you can't attend one of the meetings, you can still help out by urging those with large audiences to pursue the plan above. Simply tweet groups like @NumbersUSA and @FAIRImmigration, those like @MarkSKrikorian and @KausMickey, and those like Breitbart or NRO reporters and urge them to promote the plan above.

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    Unfortunately there are no town halls being held in my state of MS.

    But ponder this y'all.

    If Republicans win the senate, we will have amnesty faster than you can say boo. However, if the Dems hold the senate, the repubs will resist them a little. I think it may be better if the repubs lose the senate. What do you think?

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