Here’s Why Trey Gowdy Will Be The 2016 GOP Presidential Nominee [video]

By Conservative Post on August 31, 2014

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Trey Gowdy says the economy, taxes, job creation and spending are among his top issues. He wants less government regulation and says reckless spending is undermining the fundamentals of democracy.
With that, let’s look into the future. Conservatives are well aware of Gowdy’s talents and abilities. And when the committee gets up and running, Gowdy is going to be a national presence almost EVERY night; and yes, the MSM will be forced to carry it.
I trust he will be able to uncover, and prove, the complicity of the Obama administration in the Benghazi tragedy, and in the process derail Hillary’s 2016 candidacy.
When this happens, Gowdy will rise to the top of everyone’s list of presidential candidates. And Gowdy would be superb on the campaign trail.
Watch him silence the media in just three minutes:

Do you think Trey Gowdy is President worthy?