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    Horowitz: Republicans decide to take a knee and wash Pelosiís feet

    Horowitz: Republicans decide to take a knee and wash Pelosi’s feet

    June 11, 2020

    Daniel Horowitz

    Chip Somodevilla | Getty Images

    Democrats and the media demand that Republicans kneel and wash Pelosi’s feet. The GOP response? “How low and how much water to use?”

    The problem conservatives have had with their misfit political party for decades is that the Republicans merely serve as the rear end of the Democrats. They immediately follow wherever the Democrats go and promote whatever issue they are propagating.

    One man has been killed by police in what certainly appears to be a murderous act. Justice has been swifter than we’ve ever seen against any citizen, cop or otherwise, accused of murder. There is zero evidence that race had anything to do with the motivation of those cops, two of whom were not white and one of whom says he did work with Somali refugees.

    Dozens have been killed and wounded by the rioters. They are blocking trafficand destroying businesses and sections of cities, and crime is spiking across the nation. Which problem is more systemic and demanding of a legislative fix – George Floyd’s death or the response to Floyd’s death and the months’ worth of jailbreak policies that have fueled the rioting through release of career criminals?

    One would expect Republicans to push an agenda addressing the spike in crime and the takeover of our streets with as much passion as Democrats are pushing legislation to try to relitigate the Civil War and make an entire generation guilty for one act of police brutality. At the core, this is why Trump was elected – to stop the vicious cycle of GOP kneeling and genuflecting to the Left.

    In comes Jared Kushner, who is dispatched to meet with Sen. Tim Scott, an ardent proponent of jailbreak policies, to create federalized standards on policing. The “Republican alternative” to Pelosi’s anti-policing bill, if you will. While fake-fighting the straw man and impossible idea of defunding the police, Republicans are essentially agreeing to most everything leading up to that, when we need to be tougher, not weaker, on crime.

    McConnell said yesterday, following a Senate GOP lunch, “Absolutely, I think it’s important to have a response.” “None of us have had the experience of being an African American in this country and dealing with this discrimination,” McConnell said. “The best way for the Senate Republicans to go forward on this is to listen to one of our own. He’s had these experiences; he’s had them since he’s been in the United States Senate.”

    “I’ve asked Sen. Tim Scott to lead a group that is working on a proposal to allow us to respond to the obvious racial discrimination that we’ve seen on full display on our television screens over the last two weeks — and what is the appropriate response by the federal government,” McConnell (R-Ky.) said.

    So now Republicans believe in the blood libel too?

    Where is the GOP narrative on inner cities becoming war zones, with dead black citizens every day thanks to the lack of deterrent and a hands-off approach by police?

    Where is the GOP agenda to reopen our roads from the violent takeovers of the BLM movement still taking place across our cities and even on interstate highways?

    Where is the GOP agenda to deal with the black businesses that have been destroyed by the lockdown and now by the rioting, along with the long-term effects on minority communities?

    Where is the GOP agenda to deal with the already-existing trend reversing over 20 years of gains against violent crime?

    Why does the mob rule? Why do violence and crime pay? Does the silent and silenced majority of this country need to follow suit to have our needs addressed?

    Republicans are now to the left of where Democrats were just a few years ago. They are now championing the narrative of the NYT’s 1619 Project to suddenly suggest that this generation of Americans is responsible for sins of the past that have long since been rectified. A premise that was conceived this year as a fringe alt-left idea has now gone mainstream in the Republican Party.

    What is the GOP exit strategy? They are now using a single homicide by a police officer (amid exponentially more killings of cops and other citizens by career criminals) as a pretext to remake America, infringe upon the freedom of speech and freedom of movement, create a cancel and book-burning culture, and demand we all sacrifice our security. If Republicans think they can kneel their way out of this, they should just move to a Wuhan wet market. There is no end to a blood libel like this. The more they feed the rapacious beast, the more they will validate and legitimize this injustice.

    But alas, this is the purpose of the GOP – to validate the narrative of the Left with a “conservative version” of their destruction of the day. Watch for them to do the same thing with immigration the minute the Supreme Court, in all likelihood, says DACA was unlawful. They refuse to address the needs of Americans with legislation reducing immigration during such a period of high unemployment, deporting criminal aliens, and getting rid of sanctuary cities. Yet the minute that decision comes out, they will interrupt even their kneeling to the race hustlers and pro-criminal lobby to pass an amnesty bill even before a “hamstring the police” bill.

    We are simultaneously suffering from the tyranny of the soft lockdown and the anarchy of the rioting – both rooted in false premises and disproportionate “systemic” responses to specific events. If the Republicans can’t provide a bold contrast and a different path on either of these issues, what exactly is the purpose of their existence?

    Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.

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