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Texas Governor Rick Perry strongly encouraged President Obama to take a trip along the U.S. border, adding "it's not a political photo-op, it’s about real people and real issues."

‘A Humanitarian Crisis He Has the Ability to Stop’: Gov. Perry Talks Immigration Meeting With Obama

by Fox News Insider // Jul 09 2014 // 10:41pm
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Texas Gov. Rick Perry was on “Hannity” tonight to discuss his meeting with President Barack Obama on the illegal immigration crisis.

Perry said Obama should come to the border to see the crisis for himself.
Perry told Hannity that he told Obama, “This is important for you to absorb as a father, but more importantly as the president of the United States, to see the humanitarian crisis.”
According to Perry, Obama thinks taking a trip along the border would be a political photo-op.
“It’s not,” Perry said. “It’s about real people, and real issues, a humanitarian crisis that he has the ability to stop."
The Texas governor said he’s not interested in apprehension, he’s interested in prevention. He said that only 2 percent of the $3.7 billion supplemental that Obama has requested would go to border security.
The supplemental isn’t about securing the border,” he said. “The supplemental is about something else. You'll have to get the president to tell you what he wants those dollars for.”
“This isn’t a Democrat issue or a Republican issue, this is an American issue,” he said, stressing that there must be a bipartisan solution.
The president has repeatedly said through the years that the border is secure and made jokes about those who disagreed.
“That’s the same president that said al Qaeda’s on the run, and I don’t know whether he’s inept, or there’s something else going on, as I’ve said before. But the fact is the border is not secure. We have a humanitarian crisis on our hands now because the border’s not secure, and the president needs to understand that the single most important thing that he can do is put the National Guard on the border to coordinate with local law enforcement, with our state law enforcement, with the border patrol, and you can secure the border,” Cruz said.
Texas taxpayers have spent more than a half-billion dollars on the border since 2005, Perry said.

Watch part one of the interview above. Watch part two below.

Tomorrow, Sean Hannity will tour the border with Gov. Perry. Tune into “Hannity” tomorrow at 10p ET.

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