ICE Explains Why Thousands of Illegals with Criminal Convictions were Released

in News, Politics / by Belle Jones / on September 4, 2014 at 12:36 pm /

Well, look what else we get to add onto our plates. A request by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley for a investigation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement has found that the agency has released 169 illegal aliens that have been convicted of “homicide-related” crimes in just 2013 alone.
But, hold onto your hats, the good news just keeps coming. The agency also states that these fine and upstanding citizens have been released into 130 different zip codes across the United States.
In 2001, there was a Supreme Court ruling that stated an immigrant who has not been accepted for reentry into another country after half a year can simply be released. That ruling is the Zadvydas v. Davis case, and ICE refers to this case ruling in a statement regarding the release of these violent criminals.
“Of the 169 ICE detainees with a homicide-related conviction who were released from ICE custody in FY 2013, 131 have been issued a final order or removal,” an ICE statement said. “Of the remaining 38 aliens who have not been issued a final order of removal, one was granted voluntary departure by an immigration judge and subsequently departed within the permitted timeframe. Further, 154 of the 169 were released pursuant to court order due to Zadvydas.”
To sum it up simply, the Zadvydas case is commonly referred to as the “catch and release” policy.
In a statement released to the press by Senator Grassley:
“We’ve introduced legislation that would reverse the court case that the Obama administration is relying on to excuse its irresponsible release of thousands of criminally convicted aliens.”
“ICE had no discretion for the releases of many of these individuals,” the agency said in a statement. “In general, the various types of released include bond, order of recognizance, order of supervision, alternatives to detention, and parole.”
Has anyone heard of deportation?