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    IL: mexican consul. will be at a school, help protest this!!

    I got an alert that the mobile Mexican Consulate will be at a school in Illinois. Apparently they have gotten many complaints. Some groups are going to go protest this tomorrow. If you would like to email or leave a message that would be great. Here is some info;


    The location has been changed for this rally. We will be on Highway 14 at the south end of Harvard, IL. If you come in from the south east, take Highway 14 to McGuire Rd. We will guide you to parking when you the area. If you need directions, you can Mapquest or use Google Map or some other GPS support you can use 360 S. Division St., Harvard, IL. If you come from the north, take Hwy. 14 south through Harvard to the south side. If you come from most any direction, look for Hwy. 14 on the south side of Harvard, IL.

    Any questions, call 815-943-3298.

    This fall we face an election which will determine many things. Everyone needs to work very hard for candidates who will ensure the placement of armed military on our borders to stop the inexcusable entry of illegal aliens and drugs into our country. THERE IS NO VALID EXCUSE FOR THIS TO NOT HAPPEN!

    Join us in Harvard, Illinois on July 19 in a demonstration intended to bring attention to the practice of issuing Matricula Consular cards to illegal aliens.
    We plan to demonstrate outside the entrance to Harvard Junior High School at 1301 North Garfield St., Harvard, IL. If you need directions, call 815-943-3298.

    The Mexican Consulate is scheduled to be at that location from noon through 08:00 p.m. on July 17 and July 18; from 08:00 a.m. through 04:00 p.m. on July 19; from 08:00 a.m. through 03:00 p.m. on July 20. We plan to have people outside the entrance at all times but as most of our people work to earn money to pay the taxes required to subsidize the illegal alien population and the liberal social welfare programs in Illinois, our primary demonstration will be from 11:00 a.m. through 01:00 p.m. on Saturday July 19. Please come and join us if you can. If you cannot join us there is other action you can take - see the section below where we request you share that specific info with everyone in the country. ... ntryID=508
    __________________________________________________ __________


    As we are all aware, no individual legally present in the United States has need of a Matricula card. Every Mexican legally present in the United States has identification of one sort or another (Visa, passport, green card, etc.) which he/she is required to carry on their person at all times. The Mexican government has made it known in the past that they are not concerned with the legality of the presence of their citizens; they will give out Matricula cards whether they are here legally or not.

    We think it is absolutely outrageous that any School Board would allow a foreign government to use public property in this manner. We ask that you send a letter, fax, email, or phone each Board Member and the Superintendent and let them know your feelings on this matter.


    Ken Book, President
    22905 Bunker Hill Road
    Harvard, IL 60033
    Phone: 815-943-3161

    William Thome
    2701 Dunham Woods Rd.
    Harvard, IL 60033
    Phone: 815-943-3146

    Steve Miller
    18703 Lincoln Road
    Harvard, IL 60033
    Phone: 815-943-3731

    Diana Bird
    21415 Stateline Rd.
    Harvard, IL 60033
    Phone: 815-943-3690

    Richard Stoxen
    8605 Maxon Road
    Harvard, IL 60033

    Mark Stricker, Secretary
    9809 Lilja Road
    Harvard, IL 60033
    Phone: 815-943-1514

    Dr. Lauri Tobias, Superintendent
    Office Phone: 815-943-4022

    Judy Floeter, Jr. High Principal
    Office Phone: 815-943-6466 ext.2304

    Frank Shields, Jr. High Assistant Principal
    Office Phone: 815-943-6466 ext. 2301

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    RE: Matricular Cards
    Monday, July 21, 2008 9:16 AM
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    District 50 has received inquiries concerning the use of its facilities by a local financial institution in association with the Local Migrant Council and LULAC (not-for profit entities) for the purposes of having the Mexican Consulate (Chicago Consulate) provide mobile consular services to citizens of Mexico. At the outset, the District wishes to make clear that while it is leasing its facilities, the District is not associated with and is not sponsoring the consular services. In addition, you should know that the District is leasing its facilities in accordance with its Board Policy concerning the lease and use of District facilities by outside groups. The District is obligated to act consistently with respect to the leasing of its facilities regardless of the viewpoint of the outside party wishing to use its facilities.

    District 50 has also received communications from individuals that the consular services that will be provided violate U.S. law because they include the issuance of identity cards, or Matricula Cards. There is simply no evidence that the Matricula Cards or any other service provided by the Consulate is illegal. The District understands that the Matricula Cards are documents issued by the Mexican Government identifying the holder of the Card as a citizen of Mexico living abroad. The Martricula Card does not purport to be a document issued by the U.S. government or any other U.S. entity. Further, the Matricula Card does not purport to grant any legal status to the holder of the card relative to the presence of the holder of the Card in the U.S. The issuance of the Matricula Card is a recognized Mexican Consulate consular service provided to its citizens.

    While the District appreciates the concerns of the community relative to the use of its facilities, we wish to assure you that the District is acting in accordance with its legal duties and is appropriately following its facilities use policy. Further, the District is cooperating with the Harvard Police Department and following the advice of Police Chief Dan Kazy-Garey on issues of safety, crowd control and traffic.

    Lauri Tobias

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    Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2008 11:50 AM
    To: Lauri Tobias
    Subject: Matricular Cards

    Americans of Mexican heritage have no need for this ID. This card has and is used by illegal aliens to obtain drivers license and other services. I view your actions as aiding unlawful persons to remain in the USA. I think this is a felony.

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