Illegal alien KILLS fellow migrant in row over woman at NYC shelter

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An illegal alien reportedly stabbed a fellow migrant over a dispute involving a woman in a shelter in New York City (NYC).
According to InfoWars, the incident happened in the evening of Jan. 6 at the Randall Island migrant shelter. Officers of the NYC Police Department (NYPD) were alerted to an assault in progress at the facility and found a male suffering from a stab wound to the chest.
The victim, identified as 24-year-old Dafren Canizalez, was rushed to the nearby Harlem Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The suspect, 26-year-old Moises Coronado, attempted to flee but was caught by security and taken into custody. The weapon Coronado used to stab and kill Canizalez was also recovered.
As per the New York Post, Canizalez "was inside the cafeteria tent at the sprawling shelter … when he got into a beef" with Coronado. The outlet added that the 26-year-old had been talking to the younger man's girlfriend.
"During the dispute, [Canizalez] was assaulted by four people. [Coronado] … then whipped out a knife and stabbed the victim in the neck and chest area," the Post said. Coronado's three accomplices remain at large.
Venezuelan national Roger Castillo had positive words to describe the victim. "He was a good person, he was a good friend," he told the Post.
Castillo continued: "There is not much security, and they are far away; it happens so fast." Mauricio Pinto, another illegal alien at the shelter, remarked that "everyone has a knife" – attesting to the volatile situation at the Randall's Island shelter. Many are armed with knives, and petty crimes are rampant.
"There is a lot of stealing," disclosed Nabil Jajhlaq, who hails from Morocco. "If you put your phone down or your charger for a moment, they take it immediately. Any of your stuff that you don't have, they will take."
Other border crossers at the shelter attested to the violence within, telling the Post that some of them have split into "camps" based on their ethnicities and their countries of origin. Hispanics, Blacks from Africa and Blacks from Haiti are occasionally at odds.
Violent incidents are a regular occurrence at NYC migrant shelters

Citing illegals at the shelter, the Post said other migrants there "have been problematic." The shelter at Randall's Island was erected in 2023 to house the overflow of migrants flooding the Big Apple. Majority of the illegal aliens were transported from Texas to NYC, which prides itself as a so-called "sanctuary city." (Related: NYC Mayor Eric Adams announces plans to house THOUSANDS OF MIGRANTS on an island in the East River.)
"The migrants said tensions are high, particularly because there is only one cafeteria facility on the site – which forces members of each camp to rub elbows," the outlet reported.
Earlier that day, the Post also reported a scuffle at the migrant center in the East Village. The violence stemmed after a man cut the line of 400 illegals outside the facility and even spilled coffee on some individuals lining up.
The man holding a cup of coffee "tried to sneak into the winding line, apparently spilling it on others in the process. A squabble quickly turned physical, with one man punching the line-cutter and tumbling to the ground as others joined the fray, witnesses said."
Two NYPD officers arrived at the scene to break up the brawl, suffering minor injuries to their knees and faces in the process. They urged the crowd to stand back, even shoving some illegals away from the scuffle to restore order. The two cops were treated for their injuries at a local hospital.
"People were punching each other and fighting – a lot of people," said 27-year-old Samantha Hernandez, who hails from Mexico. "I think they were desperate about the situation – it's very bad. There's too many people, and there's not a lot of opportunities for us here."
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Illegal alien KILLS fellow migrant in row over woman at NYC shelter –