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    I guess these are the new "ambulance chasers".

    ON SEP 23, 2014

    US Border Patrol Agents report that THIS card is handed out in MEXICO, to illegals prior to crossing the border. The other side of the card has the same statements in SPANISH.

    Here is the website for those attorneys, Cofman & Bolourtchi, LLC

    We Fight for Your Rights. Every Case, Every Time.

    The outcome of your immigration issue will affect the rest of your life. We will dedicate ourselves to protecting your rights in immigration matters such as:

    Immigration issues can be frustrating and even frightening. We understand what you are going through, and we will use all legal means available to zealously protect your interests. With a proven track record, we bring success to cases when no one else can.
    Begin Protecting Your Rights. Contact Us.

    We help clients from all over the world. We speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, Farsi and Catalan. Call (314) 863-3838 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our St. Louis office.


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    Do Illegal Aliens Have Constitutional Rights? › ... › US GovernmentRights and Freedoms
    Do not let the fact that the term "illegal aliens" does not appear in the U.S. Constitution lead you to believe that its rights and freedoms do not apply to them.

    Alien - Legal Information Institute - Cornell University

    Legal Information Institute

    There are different categories of aliens: resident and nonresident, immigrant and nonimmigrant, asylee and refugee, documented and undocumented ("illegal"). ... Who We Are · What We Do · Who Pays For This · Contact Us ... While theyhave no legal or constitutional rights to remain within the country, they may stay ...

    Illegal Immigrant Rights | › ... › Special Immigration Topics
    The U.S. Constitution gives illegal immigrants certain right usually reserved only for ... Do It Yourself Legal Forms 11 ...Illegal immigrants living and often working in the United States have some rights under the U.S. Constitution, despite their ...You visited this page on 9/17/14.

    Court: Illegal Aliens Don't Have 2nd Amendment Rights ...

    Judicial Watch

    Dec 21, 2012 - Judges across the country have ruled over the years that illegal immigrants have certain constitutional rights in the U.S., but a federal appellate ...

    Do Noncitizens Have Constitutional Rights?


    Sep 27, 2001 - Wouldn't this violate the Constitution? Not necessarily. True, the Bill of Rights applies to everyone, even illegal immigrants. So an immigrant ...

    The Constitutional Rights of Illegal Aliens, Under the First ...

    The Volokh Conspiracy

    Jun 13, 2011 - The Constitutional Rights of Illegal Aliens, Under the First, Second, and ... Circuit panel holds that illegal aliens don't have Second Amendment rights ... aliens generally are covered by the Fourth Amendment, we do not find ...

    Immigrants' Rights | American Civil Liberties Union

    American Civil Liberties Union

    Upholding the rights of immigrantsis important to us all. The fundamental constitutional protections of due process and equal ... Know Your Rights: What To Do If You're Stopped By Police, Immigration Agents or the ...

    Do illegal immigrants have Constitutional rights ... - Staff blogs

    Houston Chronicle
    Aug 4, 2009 - I read that to believe that the poster doesn't think illegal immigrants have rights under the Constitution. That, as we have written before, is simply ...

    Do illegal immigrants have constitution rights? - Yahoo Answers
    Aug 26, 2012 - Everyone in this country has Constitutional rights. It doesn't matter if they are citizens, residents or here illegally. If an illegal alien used deadly force to ...
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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

    Sign in and post comments here.

    Please support our fight against illegal immigration by joining ALIPAC's email alerts here

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