It is said that Mexicans can steal your socks without ever removing your shoes.
As an FYI in some cultures what we call thievery is actually considered a honorable "profession", and the society rewards the thieves with social acceptance and all the benefits of the society. It is common for woman in such cultures to find "thieves' good catches as invariably their children will tend to be better off. Also in such cultures the law tends to be applied on a who you are and who you offend basis. Steal from a merchant and nothing happens, steal from a Government official and face imprisonment.

I do not want to be in the business of defending thieves, but culturally in many places this is just as acceptable as taking a earned income tax credit. Human nature means we judge others by our own culture and society. Often there is no way for those born in a foreign country to really determine what is right or wrong in our society because we no longer enforce our own mores.

In essence what is going on is we are having a cultural clash. Personally I think it is wrong to view people in a negative light who are only reflecting their culture. It is far more appropriate to denigrate the culture than the individual who is merely following their own societies mores. And yet you must enforce our laws at the individual level. The problem is we are losing the culture clash because we refuse to defend our own culture of success and instead celebrate known cultures of failure. One important thing to remember, is form the Declaration of Independence on up, we are but nation of laws. And respect for the “rule of law� is the Rosetta stone which our nation’s greatness is predicated upon.