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Thread: Jeb Bush Bashes Donald Trump After Debate – Defends Illegals (VIDEO)

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    Jeb Bush Bashes Donald Trump After Debate – Defends Illegals (VIDEO)

    Jeb Bush Bashes Donald Trump After Debate – Defends Illegals (VIDEO)

    Jim Hoft Sep 17th, 2015 10:15 am

    Enough Jeb, already.

    The former Florida governor bashed Donald Trump on FOX after the CNN GOP debate. Bush says Trump is wrong for speaking out against illegals who are Americans too.

    “To have all these dog whistle terms that make it sound like we’re one group of Americans is different than the other. That’s not Reaganesque. That’s not America. That’s not good. We have to win. We have to unify people. So I think it would have been smart for him to apologize. But look, it’s Donald Trump. What can I tell you.”
    Go home Jeb.

    Via America’s Newsroom:
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    "Illegals are Americans too"! He is a sick man and un-American - no wonder his ratings are so low. We are the United States of America and that does not include mexico or any other foreign country.

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    FLASH: Trump did not owe Columba Bush an apology. He had suggested that Jeb would give consideration to her opinion being his wife. IMO, that was a compliment to her, a political slap at Jeb. Trump called attention to the obvious, that a spouse will sometimes defer to their partner's preferences possibly offending America's culture simultaneously. If he did not at times, Jeb's loyalty to his wife and her heritage might be questioned by her. America needs Presidents of absolute loyalty to American culture, thus by virtue of a marriage decision, Jeb's loyalty to American's is fair to question.

    Personally, I am not looking for a presidential candidate who is Reaganesque either. Jeffrey Lord, a Reagan advisor and a Trump supporter keeps pushing how Trump reminds him of Reagan. He does not help Trump by making comparisons of similarities between the two. No way, Jose!

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