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Thread: LaRaza Affiliate That Randy Boyd Gave $250,000 Is Holding Another Anti-Trump Event

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    LaRaza Affiliate That Randy Boyd Gave $250,000 Is Holding Another Anti-Trump Event

    La Raza Affiliate That Randy Boyd Gave $250,000 Is Holding Another Anti-Trump Event

    June 30, 2017

    Chris Alto

    Renata Soto, is the co-founder and director of Conexion Americas, a named partner affiliateof the National Council of La Raza (La Raza). In 2015, she was made Chairman of La Raza’s board and the following year, gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd donated $250,000 to her Nashville organization. Shortly after Trump was elected President, Soto announced that she would begin organizing against the new administration by starting an “Indivisible” chapter in Nashville.
    “I invite you to join INDIVISIBLE, a campaign bringing together concerned Americans who commit to protect the promise of an indivisible nation that celebrates the roots and possibilities of all its people,” Soto wrote in a December 2016 op-ed published in The Tennessean.

    On Friday, Soto will hold another ‘Indivisible’ event at the Conexion Americas building Casa Azafran. Among the activities promoted at the event, attendees of all ages are invited to “RAISE YOUR VOICE Write postcards to our legislators supporting the principles of an INDIVISIBLE community.”

    Nashville Mayor Megan Barry’s early support for the ‘Indivisible’ campaign is no surprise given her own left-wing open borders, pro-illegal immigrant political philosophy.

    Indivisible’ organizers are working to obstruct President Trump’s agenda for the nation including the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws. The Indivisible Guide written by former congressional staffers, provides a road map to the resistance.

    “To this end, the following chapters offer a step-by-step guide for individuals, groups, and organizations looking to replicate the Tea Party’s success in getting Congress to listen to a small, vocal, dedicated group of constituents. The guide is intended to be equally useful for stiffening Democratic spines and weakening pro-Trump Republican resolve,” the Indivisible Guide begins:

    We believe that the next four years depend on Americans across the country standing indivisible against the Trump agenda. We believe that buying into false promises or accepting partial concessions will only further empower Trump to victimize us and our neighbors. We hope that this guide will provide those who share that belief with useful tools to make Congress listen.

    The Indivisible Guide also includes a directive to “promote sanctuary policies:”

    Traditionally, a sanctuary policy is one that limits the extent to which police will help federal immigration authorities deport people. But increasingly, communities are thinking more broadly about the concept of sanctuary, and pushing their local elected officials to not only stop police from collaborating with ICE, but to make a wide range of changes to improve the lives of immigrant communities and to promote racial justice more broadly.

    A few examples of local sanctuary policies include:

    • A prohibition against holding any person in custody solely due to a request by ICE
    • A prohibition against local police sharing a person’s release date with ICE
    • A prohibition against inquiring into or gathering information about an individual’s immigration status
    • A prohibition against joint operations between ICE and local law enforcement agencies
    • A prohibition against allowing ICE access to jail facilities, or to persons in local custody, for the purpose of investigating violations of federal immigration law
    • A prohibiting against deputizing of police to act as ICE agents, and terminating any existing 287(g) agreements between the local jurisdiction and ICE

    Conexion America’s Indivisible campaign, which is featured prominently on page 2 of the organization’s 2015-2016 annual report appears to be following the step-by-step guide offered in the Indivisible Guide for “individuals, groups, and organizations looking to replicate the Tea Party’s success in getting Congress to listen to a small, vocal, dedicated group of constituents.”

    Back in 2009, when the Davidson County Sheriff’s office participated in the 287(g) program, Soto criticized the county’s role in assisting federal authorities to apprehend and deport criminal aliens. When Megan Barry served on the Metro Council she repeatedly criticized the 287(g) program.

    The two Metro Nashville Council ordinances that were withdrawn aligned with these same examples of sanctuary city policy even though Bob Mendes, the chief sponsor of the ordinances claimed they would not make Nashville a sanctuary city.

    However, Colby Sledge, a primary co-sponsor of the bills with Mendes, signed onto an April 4, 2017 letter sponsored by Local Progress, The National Municipal Policy Network, vowing to “reaffirm our commitment to maintaining and expanding sanctuary policies.”

    Soto’s opposition to Trump is in line with Boyd’s vocal disdain for then candidate Trump. Boyd waited to post his opposition to sanctuary cities until after Metro’s Legal Director issued his opinion that the ordinance was not enforceable. Days before Boyd posted his message to Facebook, 65 Tennessee House members, 9 Tennesse Senators, 2 announced gubernatorial candidates, and one imputed gubernatorial candidate had already condemned the proposed Metro ordinances.

    Boyd is a named member of the Partnership for a New American Economy. They issue reports that highlight the economic contributions of legal immigrants and illegal aliens over native-born Americans. These reports are used by sanctuary jurisdictions to support shielding illegal aliens from deportation.

    Last week, radio host David Thompson, 92.3 FM in Knoxville, interviewed Boyd and asked him about his $250,000 donation to Conexion Americas which Thompson described as having “loose ties to a group I don’t like at all.” Boyd said he “really appreciate[d]” being asked about that, but then proceeded to deflect the question into one about supporting entrepreneurs.

    Boyd never admitted whether he knew about Soto’s leadership of La Raza when he gave her Nashville organization enough money to double the size of her kitchen operation. Instead of answering Thompson’s underlying question, Boyd sounded like he was justifying his continued entanglement with Soto who is a board member of his Complete Tennessee non-profit:

    The important thing here is that sometimes there may be people we disagree with on many things but we need to find the things we agree on and then expand those… helping entrepreneurs start businesses is a good thing.

    Then Boyd’s comment took a strange turn when he compared the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws to accessing dog parks he helped establish in Knoxville:

    We in Knox County can’t be policing our dog parks and make sure that only the people we think should use them use them.

    Boyd is thought my many to support in-state tuition for illegal alien students. His membership in the PNAE and his entanglement with a La Raza affiliate, all taken together, has raised questions about his credibility on issues related to illegal immigration. Among critics it has earned him the moniker, “La Raza Randy.”

    The Tennessee Star has repeatedly reached out to the Boyd campaign for comment about his associations and positions on immigration issues but the Boyd campaign has not responded.

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    These people are so stupid. It's sickening really. So tired of them. Just so fed up.

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    Gubernatorial Candidates Randy Boyd and Karl Dean Will Fight for Votes of Political Moderates

    May 12, 2017

    Chris Alto

    Four months into his 2015 appointment as the new Commissioner of Economic and Community Development, and two years before he announced his run for governor, Randy Boyd told his hometown weekly that, “I’m probably the most hated, disrespected, untolerated political entity in existence… I’m a moderate.”

    Former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, the first declared gubernatorial Democrat candidate also describes himself as a moderate and recognizes that he will need “moderate Republican votes” in order to win.

    Both candidates say education and economics are the top priorities, both say they are business-friendly and both shower admiration on Haslam’s leadership.

    For voters, however, even those who identify as “moderate” or “independent,” it will be difficult to distinguish between Boyd and Dean, except perhaps for choosing whether to vote in the Republican or Democrat primary. Political analysts suggest that states with open primaries like Tennessee, work to the advantage of moderate candidates.

    Both candidates have been married to the same partner for a long time and while Boyd made his fortune by copying a similar commercially available product, Dean married into his wealth. His wife Delta Anne Davis, is an heir to the millions her uncle Joe C. Davis made through the coal mining industry and which fund the Joe C. Davis Foundation. Delta Anne serves as a trustee of the foundation.

    Both candidates have kids they could afford to educate in exclusive private schools. And while both candidates support giving the less fortunate a public charter school option, only Boyd supports deferring to local communities about using vouchers to expand school choice to private schools, an option considered to predominantly benefit the state’s urban areas.
    Both candidates have an education non-profit to their name; Boyd’s is a Haslam follow-on called Complete Tennessee and Dean’s is a Nashville focused effort called Project Renaissance.
    Both candidates supported Common Core, a cornerstone of Haslam’s education reform platform, which Dean described as “more rigorous” standards. One month after Boyd said he was a “staunch supporter of Common Core,” his boss, Governor Haslam, signed a bill requiring a full review and replacement of these national education standards being promoted by the Obama administration.

    Both candidates are named members of the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE) which was established to push for comprehensive immigration reform highlighting the work ethic and perceived business ambitions of legal and illegal immigrants over native-born Americans. PNAE supports legal status for illegal aliens and continued refugee resettlement. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and many state and local chambers of commerce including the Nashville and Knoxville Chambers of Commerce, are also named members of PNAE.

    Boyd has emphasized Haslam’s “Drive to 55” education goal which Haslam supports achieving by giving illegal immigrant students in-state college tuition. Dean also supports the in-state tuition option for illegal immigrants.

    Both candidates are interfaced with Conexion Americas, founded and led by Renata Soto, chairman of the National Council of La Raza and organizer for the anti-Trump Indivisible campaign. In 2016, Boyd and his wife donated $250,000, “the single largest individual gift” to Soto’s Nashville organization. Dean is a Soto admirer and The Joe C. Davis Foundation which Dean’s wife helps steer, is a financial supporter.

    Neither candidate opposed Haslam’s proposed gas tax increase; Dean was candid and open about increasing the taxes while Boyd was careful at the start of his campaign saying only that the legislature and Haslam “must come up with a solution . . . It has to be solved. We are underfunding our roads.”

    Both candidates have suggested that their support of improving and expanding infrastructure will appeal to voters in rural counties.

    Neither candidate supported Trump; Dean has been openly critical describing him as “divisive.” Boyd, who says Romney “is somebody I would aspire to be like,” voiced complete disdain at the idea of helping Trump fundraise:

    The idea of putting my name on anything [for Trump] is anathema to me.

    During the 2016 presidential primary, Boyd was as an at-large delegate for Jeb Bush who supported an amnesty plan for illegal immigrants, saying that even though the law is being violated, “[i]t’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family.” Dean has adopted the “welcoming” lexicon of open borders and globalist activists like PNAE’s partner Welcoming America.

    Both candidates likely understand that conservative Tennesseeans and the rural counties helped Trump win the state with a significantly wider margin than predicted and that in the counties where over seventy percent of the vote went to Trump, they will have to work hard to find moderates willing to trade promises of economic prosperity for more liberal approaches to issues like immigration.

    For Dean, whose professional and political experiences are centered in urban Nashville, it remains to be seen whether he can convince non-urban voters that he understands their challenges, needs and aspirations and whether as a Democrat, he would be able to deliver on his promises. The General Assembly is likely to remain Republican controlled and even Haslam has had some of his biggest initiatives defeated.

    Now that he is in the race, Boyd is trying to distance himself from his earlier self-labeling as a “moderate” claiming instead that he is a non-politician businessman who has also said that “no one will out-invest me” and that he is personally willing to spend “whatever it takes” to win. Boyd, however, may be underestimating voters’ ability to consider where he stands on the issues and whether there is much difference between him and at least one Democrat contender.

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    Andale! Andale! Senor Randy!

    By - on July 22, 2017

    Boyd announces he will run across the state.

    Now that we know what Boyd is running for, perhaps we should look at what he is running from.

    • $250,000 contribution to an affiliate of a racist organization (La Raza – “The Race”) that trains illegal immigrants for jobs that could go to Americans.
    • Supports taxpayer-subsidized tuition for illegal aliens at Tennessee universities.
    • Vocal opposition to President Trump — calling his election “an anathema.” (For those like us who went to public schools, we will interpret: calling someone “an anathema” is like calling them a “dirty booger.”)

    Run, Randy run! Run for the border.

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    Yes, Raqndy Doofus needs to RUNH FOR THE BORDER and slide into Mexico.
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