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Thread: Is NBC News Owned by Hillary Clinton?

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    Is NBC News Owned by Hillary Clinton?

    10 Aug 2016

    Bizarre. That’s the only word to describe how “in the bag” NBC News is for Hillary Clinton. You’d almost think she owns them. You’d almost think she’s blackmailing or bribing them. She must have photos of the head of the NBC News division and anchorman Lester Holt in bed with someone very shocking. It’s that bad.

    It’s so bad that NBC News now stands for NO BAD CLINTON NEWS.

    NBC must be getting something out of their arrangement, to ignore every piece of negative news and scandal about Hillary, but take every sentence by Donald Trump out of context and turn it into a major headline.

    Take this past Monday night. I got home after hosting six hours of talk radio, where I listed in detail to all the scandals and shocking revelations involving Hillary and Obama – the man whose legacy she protects. Remember Hillary is running for the third term of Obama.

    I couldn’t fit all of Hillary’s shocking scandals and obscene problems into six hours of talk on two radio shows. But I predicted live on the air that NBC Evening News wouldn’t mention any of it. I predicted they’d bury Donald Trump’s economic plan by first leading with some Trump statement taken out of context, then devoting only 30 seconds or so to his bold economic plan, and then interviewing only critics who’d tell us how bad it is.

    I was 100% on the money.

    Let me list all the many shocking stories NBC News should be mentioning, if not covering extensively. Instead they won’t even admit these news stories and scandals exist.

    *Hillary’s hacked emails may have led to the discovery and execution of an Iranian scientist helping the U.S. His name was prominently mentioned in Hillary’s hacked emails that undoubtedly ended up in the hands of our enemies. Yet we hear not a word from NBC News.

    *Hillary’s hacked emails may have led to the discovery and murder of Libya Ambassador Chris Stevens and those 3 American heroes at Benghazi. Hillary’s hacked emails gave up his location.

    *It appears I’m not the only one to think so. Hillary is now being sued by the parents of the dead Benghazi heroes for this gross negligence. Yet we hear not a word from NBC News. They did plenty of reporting about the one Muslim gold star father, but virtually zero coverage of the parents of dead Benghazi heroes. Donald had harsh words. Hillary lied to the parents’ faces with their children’s caskets lying nearby. Her actions may have led to their deaths. Still NBC says nothing.

    *Hillary’s hacked emails show the Clinton Foundation is one big extortion racket that involved “pay for play.” Those who donated to the infamous Clinton Foundation immediately got high-level access and contracts from Hillary’s State Department. Folks this is treason – pure and simple. Yet we hear not a word from NBC News.

    Can you even imagine if Donald Trump served in a presidential cabinet and sold out his access and government contracts in return for donations to his foundation? It would be the biggest news story in America. The FBI would be leading him away in handcuffs right now.

    *Hillary’s hacked emails show the entire Democrat presidential primary was rigged by the DNC, so Bernie Sanders never had a chance to win. Amazing. Yet we hear not a word from NBC News.

    Can you even imagine if we had proof Trump rigged the GOP primary? The FBI would be leading him away in handcuffs right now.

    *There are not one, not two, but three dead DNC officials in the past month. Three. All involved in the Hillary and DNC hacking leak. Even none other than Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange now admits one of the murdered officials was the source of the leaks. He was shot to death on the streets of Washington D.C., but no watch, cash or credit cards were taken. Yet NBC doesn’t feel this warrants any investigation?

    Can you even imagine if three RNC officials wound up dead under suspicious circumstances after a leak of Trump emails? This would be the biggest news story in America.

    *Then there’s the Muslim gold star father who won over America in his confrontation with Donald Trump. Did you know his law firm appears to be affiliated with the infamous Clinton Foundation. Or that he was on radio in Pakistan only last week attributing Trump’s problems to the fact that Allah hates him? How come that never made it onto NBC News? When Khan hit Trump hard, it was the top headline at NBC. When Khan shows his true agenda and sings the praises of Allah, the same NBC News decides it’s not news.

    *Hillary was just endorsed by the Communist Party of America. Isn’t that worthy news? What if Donald Trump was endorsed by the KKK. Wouldn’t that become the top headline at NBC News? You’re damn right it would – even if he had no say in the endorsement, even if he disavowed it. You think communists are better than white supremacists? Really? 94 million human beings were murdered in the 20th century in the name of communism. And for some reason communists really admire Hillary.

    *Here’s an incredible news story. The father of the Muslim terrorist mass murderer who killed 49 gays at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando was snapped in photos yesterday in a prominent seating position behind Hillary at an Orlando rally. Hillary’s people seated a mass murderer’s father right in the back of Hillary’s speech for all the world to proudly see? Can you imagine if Trump proudly seated Dylan Roof’s father behind him near the front, at a Trump rally? Roof was a white supremacist mass murderer who killed nine innocent black Americans at a Charleston, South Carolina church. What if Donald EVER associated with him, in any way? It would be the biggest news story of the year.

    *How about the $400 million ransom payment Hillary’s idol Obama paid to Iran to release the hostages. It was sent in an unmarked cargo plane with dollars exchanged for Swiss Francs to evade U.S. laws and keep away from Congress’s authority. That’s a crime called money laundering. I didn’t see it mentioned on NBC. Nor did NBC think it important enough to ask Hillary her opinion of it. We all know Obama and Kerry think “climate change” is the greatest threat to national security. So why didn’t they simply wire the $400 million to Iran, instead of wasting so much jet fuel and pouring so much pollution into the atmosphere? Because they needed to hide the transaction. Because they were breaking U.S. laws.

    *Lastly, is Hillary healthy enough to be president? I’ve seen many photos and news stories about her concussions, brain seizures, videos with her head wobbling around like a rag doll, aides required to help her walk up stairs. If this was Trump with the same health or brain issues, wouldn’t NBC be reporting on it? Wouldn’t they be demanding answers? Wouldn’t they be hounding Trump’s doctors to release his medical records?

    But none of these important, amazing, or shocking scandals and revelations are ever mentioned in any major way on NBC News. Instead the lead stories are always about one sentence of Trump’s taken out of context. Or one spat between Trump and a Muslim father. Or infighting between Trump and the GOP establishment. Or Trump’s comments on Hispanics or Muslims.

    Yes, NBC News now stands for “No Bad Clinton News.” And their entire news division is committed to destroying Donald Trump and electing Hillary president – at all costs.

    It’s official. America is now a Banana Republic.
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    It’s official. America is now a Banana Republic.
    Yes, we are. It's the saddest and most maddening thing I've ever seen our Corrupt Media do to our country.
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