15 Jan 2016

President Obama says modern politics are overly loud and obnoxious – suggesting that’s part of the reason Donald Trump is getting so much attention.

Obama lamented that modern politics had become “too rancorous” and says people are allowed to “make up facts,” paint their opponents as unpatriotic, and flip-flop on political positions.

“That is I think a result of a lot of forces, you know a media that’s much more splintered, you’ve got sort of talk radio habits creeping into politics,” he said. “A lot of times it’s like the comments section or trolling where people just feel like they can vent without really thinking about what they say ahead of time,” he said.

Obama hosted a series of interviews with YouTube personalities this afternoon, including one interview with Adande Thorne or “sWooZie” as he is known on the internet.

He explained to Obama that Trump was a hot topic among his friends, particularly since the billionaire candidate makes so many controversial comments in the media.

“My friends have been wanting me to ask you, are you embarrassed for the American people? Because it’s just like pandemonium out here when you watch whats going on in the headlines,” he said.

Taking the role of an election analyst, Obama said that it was still early.

“If you look at previous elections this early in the contest a lot of times you’ll have people who are seen as frontrunners, because they’re noisy they get a lot of attention, over time voters take a careful look the closer you get to actually deciding on a president everybody gets a little more sober – less entertainment,” he said, saying Americans would eventually realize that their president would be holding the nuclear codes.