Polling increasingly favors GOP in midterms

Posted on October 15, 2014October 16, 2014 by Sam Rolley

With fewer than three weeks until the 2014 midterms, a growing number of polls and election models favor the prospect of a GOP-controlled Senate leading into 2015.
As of Wednesday, The Washington Post’s Election Lab was reporting that the GOP has a 94 percent chance of gaining the six seats it needs to control the Senate.
The Republicans’ high chances of winning the Senate are underscored by the results of a poll released Wednesday by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal.
That poll found that 46 percent of Americans favor a Congress controlled by the GOP, compared to 44 percent who want Democrats to assume legislative control.
The margin in voter support is tighter than the last Congressional midterms. At this point in 2010, Republicans enjoyed a 7-point lead over Democrats.
On the issues, voters in a separate Washington Post/ABC poll reported that new jobs and an end to Washington gridlock are at the top of their voter wish lists, followed closely by the formulation of an appropriate government response to the Islamic State terror threat in the Middle East.
Two-thirds of likely voters believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction, and 60 percent believe that the president and Republican members of Congress are equally incompetent.
Despite preferring Republican control, likely voters assigned the GOP an abysmal 33 percent favorability rating. Democrats’ favorability rating is similarly bad, reaching a 30-year low of 39 percent.
President Barack Obama’s disproval rating, meanwhile, eclipses unhappiness with Congress. Just 40 percent of likely voters believe he is handling his job correctly. Forty-four percent of voters agree with the president’s handling of the economy, 29 percent his handling of immigration and 35 percent his handling of the ISIS threat.

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