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    Quote Originally Posted by HandGrip
    Before the illigal immigration issue popped up, only the liberal extremists were very eagar to see Bush impeached. Now the anti-illigal immigrant people and the rest of the true american citizans as well.

    We are indeed living in a strange time.
    You know what they say? Politics makes strange bed fellows. Remember that. You get the conservatives banding together with the liberals to impeach Jorge and Dick and you get the desired result of having Dennis Hastert in power. Who wouldn't rather have Hastert over Jorge 24/7, twice on Sunday?

    Jorge is already a lame duck and nobody likes him. Now if only someone could get Jorge to pull a Clinton and grab an intern.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dman1200
    Let's agree to behave in a civil manner here. While I disagree with our president on certain issues, and illegal immigration is one of them, I respect him and the office he holds.
    Respect him for what? What has he done that deserves one ounce of respect from me or America in general? What should we respect him for? Lets take a look at Bush's legacy as we know it.

    1. Has left our borders wide open to a massive illegal alien invasion and potential future terrorist attacks since his inception into office despite 9-11 and massive major outcry from the public concerning this matter.

    2. Has left our country in trillions of dollars of federal debt and billions of dollars in trade debt.

    3. Has lost millions of jobs for American citizens.

    4. Has allowed the illegal alien population to steal millions of jobs putting millions of citizens out of work and has caused millions more citizens to accept jobs that pay wages below the poverty line.

    5. Has chosen to neglect funding for the additional 10,000 border patrol agents, 8,000 ICE agents and the tens of thousands of detention beds that congress called for.

    6. Is pushing for a free trade agreement that is worse than NAFTA.

    7. Pushed our country into a war that is unnecessary on the basis of crappy intelligence.

    8. Thinks that guarding other countries borders with our troops is more important then using our troops to guard our own borders despite the massive illegal alien onslaught that is ravaging this country by the tens of thousands each day.

    9. Has given the UN permission to prosecute our troops for war crimes during peace keeping missions.

    10. Kowtowed to the World Court to open review to give another trial to 51 convicted Mexican invaders sitting on death row despite numerous appeals denying them of another trial. All this because the Mexican consulates might not have been notified in a timely manner despite the fact that these invaders had an attorney, a fair trial by jury and again numerous amount of appeals.

    11. Refuses to conduct racial profiling of Arab muslims in airports, but allows the profiling of every other ethnicity.

    12. Refuses to allow the border patrol to arrest illegal aliens because of the MMP.

    13. Calls illegal aliens good hearted folks coming here to do jobs that Americans won't do and yet calls the good hearted patriots of the MMP vigilantes.

    14. Agrees on a totalization agreement with Mexico to allow illegal aliens to receive social security payments.

    15. Has forced ICE to stop worksight enforcement on employers who hire illegals.

    16. Value of the dollar has collapsed dramatically under Bush's administration.

    17. Is against Taiwan seeking independence from communist China.

    18. Out of control spending on foreign aide and pork spending.

    19. Liberalized education from No Child Left Behind which leaves the education of your child in the hands of the bureaucrats in the federal government.

    20. 540 billion on a prescription drug bill that made Hillary's health care proposal back in the 90's seem tame.

    21. Refuses to crack down on Sanctuary polices for illegals.

    22. Refuses to crack down on dangerous illegal alien gangs like MS-13.

    23. Refuses to demand that Mexico extradite illegal alien COP killers.

    That is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to respect a failure of a president that's your right, but don't expect me to when I see the facts right before my eyes. I respect the position of office, always have, but that doesn't mean I have to respect the man in power especially when it's obvious to everyone that he has betrayed his country and has violated every word of his oath of office. He has absolutely no concern for the people who voted him into office and he's stated so on numerous occasions. Almost every one of his acts in office have been unconstitutional and in alot of cases unlawful. Yet I'm suppose to respect a man who sides with foreign criminals and corporate fat cats over those who voted him into office. I don't think so.

    [quote:37wpezts]We are speaking, after all, about the Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces, and the leader of the greatest nation this planet has ever seen. He is *not* a clown.
    His actions while in office make him a clown. He's more like the Commander of Malfeasance then he is a Commander-in-Chief. He might be the leader of the greatest nation on this planet, but if he has his way it won't be the greatest nation for long. Your right he's not a clown, he's a traitor, plain and simple.

    Please, folks, take the time to understand that this forum is MORE THAN JUST YOUR TYPICAL RANT FORUM.
    I think William Gheen should decide what type of forum this is since it's his forum, not yours.

    Folks from every station in life, pro and con on this issue, are coming here to see what we have to say, what we believe and what we stand for in regards to this ONE SINGLE ISSUE of Illegal Immigration.
    Yes, everyone has an opinion. Congratulations on telling me something I don't already know. Just because everyone has a difference of opinion is not going to keep me from voicing mine which is protected under the first amendment. Unlike you I could care less who I offend, if you find what I say is offensive then so be it, it doesn't matter to me because I really don't care what you think and I won't lose sleep either way. That might sound harsh to you, but I'm a straight forward, no nonsense kind of guy and I'm not going to change into some politically correct coward because your sensitivities got hurt.

    Denigrating the office and person of the President of the United States of America doesn't sit well with a whole lot of people, regardless of their political persuasion.
    So what are you trying to say? Are you saying I can't criticize Bush because he's the president? I can't say what needs to be said because he has an R in front of his name. What should I do? Should I sound like Hush Bimbo, praise Bush at every turn and carry his water for him? Were you singing the same tune when Clinton was in office? I give respect to those that deserve respect like Tom Tancredo. Unlike you I don't bow at a politicans feet just because he has an R in front of his name or because he holds a high position of power. If that's your cup of tea, more power to you, just don't be telling me what I should and shouldn't do.

    Remember your audience...
    Again what audience? Do you think I come here for people like you? No, I come here to voice my displeasure about what's happening to my country and give suggestions on what can be done about the problems we are facing. You can either agree with me or disagree with me. I really don't care anymore. But don't talk to me like I'm five years old, like your my daddy or something telling me that I should be more politically correct. We've had political correctness in this country for 40 plus years and look where it's gotten us. Yet you want me to be more tolerant and compassionate and understanding to our enemies from within our own borders including our sitting president? No, sorry, aint gonna happen. To get respect you have to earn respect. Bush has earned nothing, but my contempt for his dispicable actions.

    To everyone else on this board, I'm sorry that I'm coming off extremely harsh, but I'm sick and tired of people telling me how I should and shouldn't feel, who I should and shouldn't respect, what I can and can't say. Supposedly we're suppose to still be a free country. I think we still are and I'm not going to be made to feel guilty about bashing a politican who has failed his people because he holds a high position of power. Bush is the president, not king of the US of America. He's only 1/3 of the branches of office, not absolute ruler of America or the world for that matter. I'm done ranting for now.[/quote:37wpezts]

    Well said, dman.

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