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Thread: The real threat is not the far right – it’s the smug left!

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    The real threat is not the far right – it’s the smug left!

    KATIE HOPKINS: The real threat is not the far right – it’s the smug left! When did it become acceptable to water cannon people standing up for their country while turning a blind eye to the destruction of Europe?

    14:35 EST, 27 March 2016

    So let's just get this straight.

    A peace march in Belgium was cancelled over fears ISIS could use it to launch another attack on Brussels. Belgium security forces decided a March Against Fear, however topical, would be ill-advised because the fear is grounded in truth, and marching isn't going to make it go away.

    This is a bit like the people who say they are standing up to terror by continuing to use the underground. They are not actually standing up to anything. There is no real show of defiance. Everyone is scared to death.

    In truth, they are gambling on the old adage lightening never strikes the same spot twice. Or for a more modern twist, suicide bombers never target the same subway twice in a week.

    But if you live in jihadi central, that's a pretty risky bet to place.

    Whilst it seems perfectly acceptable to turn the water cannon on nationals, determined to stand up for their country, it is never acceptable to criticise migrants, terrorists or extremists, writes KATIE HOPKINS

    Right-wing protesters arrived en masse in central Brussels today and unfurled banners denouncing ISISe

    In place of the March Against Fear, a few pro-migrant groups turned up at the Old Stock Exchange in Brussels to watch mourners light candles for the dead, and shove a bit more leftie clap-trap down their throats, reminding them that irregular migrants are good people at heart and the last suicide bombers were actually home-grown, so not technically migrants at all. So that's ok then.

    In response, a group of anti-immigration protesters gathered at the Place de la Bourse to unfurl an anti-ISIS banner and vent their frustration at the direction in which the self-styled capital of Europe appears to be heading.

    As far as I can tell, the March Against Fear was cancelled because there was too much fear, and a riot broke out because the police objected to a peaceful protest.

    There are a few things I notice around these incidents in Europe;

    • Firstly, the anti-immigration protestors are always referred to as thugs. The language around them is universally ugly, despite the fact they are protesting against the very people who think it is acceptable to detonate themselves next to small babies wearing suicide vests filled with nails and shrapnel.
    • They are called the far-right despite and lazy associations are made between them and Hitler. Even though in the UK it appears to be Labour supporters who have issues with Jews.
    • Clearly Nazi salutes have no place in modern Europe. No one wants to see violence against the police, stones thrown or graffiti. But if you look carefully, trouble-making groups on the left such as No Borders build a far more subversive brand of trouble.
    • The dreadlocked gangs of migrant-lovers, turning a blind eye to the destruction of Europe, are never referred to as the far-left. They are affectionately called anarchists, as if they are teenage boys, experimenting with Death Metal and living raw vegan.
    • Despite absolutely no police response to terrorists (Turkey even warned the Belgium Intelligence Services about three suicide bombers who went on to attack the city) or marauding migrants (see Cologne - New Year's Eve) their rapid reaction to the presence of a handful of Pegida is overwhelming.


    Fourteen people were killed and scores more injured when two suicide bombers targeted Brussels airport

    Atrocious ISIS threat video says Brussels was 'just a taste'

    In Cologne, 150 officers were sent to police the migrant attacks on women on New Years Eve, resulting in 676 criminal complaints being filed. In comparison, 1700 riot police with water cannon were sent to stop a subsequent Pegida march through the city.

    Whilst it seems perfectly acceptable to turn the water cannon on nationals, determined to stand up for their country and culture, it is never acceptable to criticise migrants, terrorists or extremists planning attacks.

    It seems to me there is a yawning gulf between the treatment and reporting of the far-left and the far-right, and and even bigger chasm between nationals and migrant populations, who lack respect for the culture they have joined.

    The left are so busy kowtowing to the rights of those who have chosen to join our culture, the right has lost the freedom to defend the culture they have chosen to join.

    At least 20 people were killed when ISIS extremist Khalid El Bakraoui detonated a bomb on the city's Metro

    The police have an almost magnetic attraction to events which offer predictable policing - such as a Pegida March through a city centre, but are incapable of defending people from the actual threat of terror we all feel.

    Whilst we sit waiting for our next 7/7, the Metropolitan Police were arresting a man for a tweet, accidentally charging him to appear in court, before sheepishly letting him go.

    Vanity policing is the last thing out country needs.

    People talk about the rise of the far-right. I fear the dominance of the smug, self-centred left led by yoghurt knitting pillocks like Emma Thompson and Michael Sheen is far more threatening and far more real.
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    This is the saddest thing. Poor Belgium. If we don't stop this madness, this will be happening in our country.
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