Report: FBI Investigates Hillary Clinton for Corruption

Muhammad Yunus and Hillary Clinton are embroiled in a
corruption scandal that the FBI is
now investigating. | Photo: AFP

Published 18 April 2016

The Daily Caller News Foundation published a report exposing how Clinton awarded a friend and donor with millions through USAID..

A fresh scandal involving Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has surfaced Monday as The Daily Caller News Foundation revealed that her
State Department awarded at least US$13 million in grants and loans to a longtime friend of hers in spite of corruption accusations against that person.

The FBI is apparently investigating her for corruption linked to this case.

An investigation by The Daily Caller uncovered that Muhammad Yunus, who in 2011 was ousted as managing director of the Blangladesh-based Grameen
Bank amid corruption charges, benefitted from grants, contracts and loans by the State Department while it was under the direction of Clinton.

Yunus has also been revealed to be a Clinton Foundation donor.

“The tax funds were given to Yunus through 18 separate U.S. Agency for International Development award transactions listed by the federal contracting
site,” the news outlet said.

According to the outlet, Clinton mixed official government transactions with her donors to her family's foundation. Yunus, for example, donated between
US$100,000 and US$300,000 in apparent exchange for the grants and loans worth US$13 million.

But that's not all, groups allied to Yunus also benefited from an additional US$11 million from USAID, according to the contracting website. Yunus had business
relationships with all of them, the Daily Caller report added.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are also accused of actively helping Yunus over three decades by promoting him as a celebrity personality at major Clinton Foundation events.

The Clintons also personally lobbied to press the Nobel Committee to award Yunus with the peace prize, which they did in 2006, based on credits he and his bank
granted to poor people in order to help them build a business and improve their futures.

Apparently, the FBI is carrying out a corruption investigation into Hillary for mixing her work as a government official with foundation donors.

“Presumably if The Daily Caller News Foundation has this information, then the FBI has it,” said Robert T. Hosko, former assistant director of the Bureau’s criminal division.
“Certainly, the FBI would want to know the nature of these relationships.”

Hosko added, “That’s precisely the sort of thing that the FBI would be looking at and should be looking at to determine whether there’s an official act of corruption.”

However, the FBI declined comment, saying, “we generally do not comment on whether or not we’re conducting a particular investigation.”

For Yunus, things began going downhill five years ago when various independent authorities decided to take a more detailed look at the Grameen Bank and the 50
interrelated enterprises Yunus created, most of which operate in developing countries where there is little financial oversight.

Yunus has also been linked to a group of generals of the Bangladesh military who overthrew the country's government in January 2007, after which the backer mulled
founding a new political party to lead the new military-led government, thereby legitimizing the coup.