by Paul Bedard
| April 01, 2019 12:40 PM

Nearly half of California sheriff departments are protesting a new California law that bars them from helping federal immigration officials find criminal illegal immigrants, according to a new report.

What’s more, several of the 169 law enforcement agencies in California are challenging former Gov. Jerry Brown’s bid to hide criminal illegals by letting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to seize the wanted prisoners for deportation and not telling the state.

The explosive new claims are in an Oxford University study of the implementation of the “California Values Act” which seeks to declare all law enforcement agencies sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, meaning they are not to work with ICE.

The report from the University of Oxford Centre for Criminology-Border Criminologies reveals what many law enforcement agencies are doing to get around the law. The report is critical of those moves and calls on the state to crack down on agencies that help ICE to find and remove criminal illegals.

Oxford found that most agencies were complying. And, as a result, there was a 41 percent decrease in ICE arrests in California.

Former ICE official Dan Cadman, who blogs for the Center for Immigration Studies, cheered the protests by police noting that criminal illegals have murdered law enforcement officials.

Of the protests, he wrote: “Bravo! I hope they keep on doing it, and that more join them. What's that motto on the side of many police cars? Oh, that's right, it's ‘To Serve and Protect.’ What better way to do that than to see alien criminals removed from American communities, instead of releasing them to offend again.”

Oxford’s findings about the violations of the law are below:

*24 out of 58 sheriffs departments, 41 percent, are using a legal loophole to publish the whereabouts and release dates of criminal illegal immigrants ICE wants. ”This practice provides ICE an opportunity to detain and deport people at the point of release from law enforcement agency custody,” said Oxford.
*Many agencies are still not in compliance with the law. The report found that 68 out of 169, or about 40 percent, were not in compliance.
*Some let ICE into jails to seize illegals. Said the report, “Given that in these ‘releases,’ there is no effective break in the chain of custody from LEAs to ICE, these arrests are de facto in custody transfers that nonetheless likely are not recorded or reported as such to the California Attorney General as a part of annual reporting mandated.”
*Officers continue ask criminal suspects their immigration status.
*Some of those arrested are detained longer than normal to help immigration enforcement.
*Space is sometimes provided to ICE.

The report’s conclusion scolded law enforcement agencies for not following the new law, SB54, to the letter. It said:

The California Values Act is one of the most expansive sanctuary laws in the country. As a result of implementation of this new law, there has been a notable drop in LEA-assisted ICE and CBP arrests in the state, especially when compared to anti-sanctuary states such as Texas. However, there is much work to be done by the State to bring LEAs into full compliance with SB 54 and to ensure that the law is not undermined through the exploitation of its policy exceptions. At a time when the federal administration has been hostile to immigrant communities and has ramped up immigration arrests, detentions, and deportations, it is imperative that Californians are confident that their local, county, and state government will not work to deport them, their family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.