Jim Hoft Oct 12th, 2016 6:30 pm

Rush Limbaugh told a caller today to ignore the polls.

Donít allow the liberal media which is working with Hillary Clinton this year to dispirit you.

Via The Rush Limbaugh website:

CALLER: How you doing, Rush?

RUSH: Good. Good, good. Thank you.

CALLER: Iíll make my point really quickly, sir. With the corrupt media today and what WikiLeaks is coming out with and how Hillary is, how can we trust the polls and what they say?

RUSH: I donít know. My advice would be to ignore them. Whether theyíre right or wrong, ignore them. Donít let anything dispirit you. Donít let anything ó I donít mean you specifically, Mike. Iím talking generally. All of this is designed to convince you itís over.

Now, I even find it fascinating that some of the Drive-By Media commentators on these estimable networks like CNN are actually now wringing their hands in concern that it looks like such a landslide win for Hillary that they are worried Democrat turnout will be suppressed. They think, because of their polls and just their general analysis of things, they think itís gonna be a 50-state landslide. They think Hillaryís gonna win every electoral vote.

And theyíre afraid that if too many people on their side think this, that thereís gonna be massive people staying at home. No need for me to vote. Itís a pain in the butt to get out of the house and get to the polls and stand in line. If I donít need to, Iím not going. Thatís what they claim theyíre worried about. Maybe. But what theyíre really trying to do is make you think thereís no point in you voting. So I canít tell you about the polls. I mean, weíve been through this backwards and forwards. Just donít let íem affect you one way or the other.