From my email and CAPS

The House of Representatives has passed HR 1044 to eliminate the per-country caps on employment-based green cards. In spite of the lopsided vote, 365-65, opposition is building and Senate passage of its companion bill, S 386, is not guaranteed.

Tell your Senators to reject S 386, which would scrap per-country limits on green cards.

The current limits prevent applicants from large countries such as India from dominating the tech sector and displacing applicants from smaller countries. Moreover, workers from India tend to be lower skilled and work for lower wages, driving down the wage levels for American workers in the tech sector.

Ultimately, this bill would reward companies who have replaced American workers with hundreds of thousands of lower-wage contract workers, working primarily in the tech sector, who entered on temporary H-1B visas. Many of these workers eventually obtain green cards, making the displacement of American workers permanent. This bill is part of a lobbying campaign by Big Tech and foreign outsourcing companies to increase the number of green cards, replacing American workers with cheap, foreign labor.

For more background information, read an article in Medium by CAPS executive director, Ric Oberlink, by clicking here: Follow the Money…Big Tech and Washington Insiders Are Behind A Bill To Give Foreign Workers The Best Jobs in America.

Tell your Senators to vote for American workers and against S 386.

Thank you for your support!