By Dillon Burroughs October 20, 2021 at 7:59am

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd on Wednesday addressed a disturbing report about migrants with terrorist ties, calling it a “worst-case scenario” for the country due to President Joe Biden’s open-border policies.
In a Republican National Committee podcast posted to YouTube on Monday, Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales said he’d met recently with Panama’s foreign minister, Erika Mouynes, and was told that the country had detained 52 migrants linked to the al-Qaida terrorist group.
The Biden administration is not doing its job, Gonzales said.

“She goes, ‘There’s no one home. I’m here talking to you because the administration is just absent,’” Gonzales said, according to The Washington Times.
(The podcast interview can be seen here. The terrorism discussion starts about the 18:55 mark.)
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In a “Fox & Friends First” interview Wednesday, Judd explained what that kind of news could mean.
“This is the worst-case scenario because we just don’t know the number of people who are getting away,” Judd said.

Fox & Friends First

“This is the worst-case scenario”:National Border Patrol President Brandon Judd speaks on the potential for terrorists to enter the U.S. because of President Biden’s open border policies.

Brandon Judd on migrants with terrorism ties: 'Worst-case scenario'
President of the National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd argues the Biden administration doesn't 'seem to have the will to do what is necessary to secure our borders.'

7:27 AM · Oct 20, 2021

Jorge Ventura Media

My first time encountering migrants from India crossing illegally into Yuma at 'The Gap'. So far I've encountered migrants from 8 different countries today in Yuma

1:24 PM · Oct 15, 2021

“Group of 80 migrants from Georgia, Venezuela, Brazil, Uzbekistan and El Salvador apprehended by [Border Patrol] in the Yuma sector,” Ventura tweeted.

Jorge Ventura Media

Group of 80 migrants from Georgia, Venezuela, Brazil, Uzbekistan and El Salvador apprehended by border patrol in the Yuma sector

12:51 PM · Oct 15, 2021

Ventura also reported that Colombian migrants had illegally crossed the border at Yuma earlier the same week.

Terrorist Migrants Apprehended in Panama Reveal 'Worst-Case Scenario' for US Border (