Texas Now Has Armed Troopers Defending the Border [WATCH VIDEOS]

States attempt to stem the flood of illegal immigrants across America's southern...

Texas Now Has Armed Troopers Defending the Border [WATCH VIDEOS]

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There’s a crisis at the border… but Texas is stepping up to the plate.
The humanitarian and law enforcement crisis on America’s southern border continues as states such as Arizona and Texas attempt to come to terms with the flood of illegal border crossings and a federal government that appears adamant in its resolve to do nothing about the situation.
While Republicans in the House have demanded the deployment of National Guard troops to the border and the impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder for his refusal to enforce immigration laws, such calls have fallen on deaf ears in the Obama administration and its allies in the Democrat-controlled Senate, despite the clear wishes of the American people.

Making matters worse, thousands of the immigrants illegally crossing into the United States are unaccompanied children, on the back of whom criminal cartels are no doubt enjoying record profits from their human smuggling activities. Public figures from Sarah Palin to Sheriff Joe Arpaio have decried the situation and rightly placed the responsibility for it directly at the feet of President Obama and his incompetent administration of scofflaws.
Taking matters into its own hands out of the sheer necessity to protect its citizenry, Texas announced a plan to defend its southern border with armed troops. Civilian militias have also communicated their determination to augment those personnel with their own armed members. Senator Ted Cruz and others have called on the federal government to fund state-led efforts in lieu of providing Customs and Border Protection the resources it needs to do its job.
Watch these videos to learn more about the border crisis.
Watch Sheriff Joe on Breitbart declare the Obama has caused the border crisis:
Also from Breitbart, militia groups respond to the the Texas Border Surge announced by Governor Rick Perry:
On rickperry.org, Governor Perry calls on Washington for action:

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Mon Jun 23 10:44:02 PDT 2014

Texas Gov. Rick Perry warns the Border Patrol has been "overrun"

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No one should be faulted for their desire to come to America in search of a better life for themselves and their families. For over two centuries, this country has been the greatest on earth and still represents to millions of people around the world a beacon of hope, individual achievement, and liberty.
Those who wish to earn American citizenship and become productive, law-abiding citizens should be welcomed. Entering the country illegally, however, is not a good start on this path. One does not generally seek ways to get over on the system in order to join it, but that is what these illegals–and the Obama administration–would have us believe is occurring.
The borders must be closed to prevent this humanitarian crisis from growing any larger–if the federal government refuses to do so, then they should at least provide the funds necessary for the states to protect their own borders (which is probably a better long-term solution anyway). Those in the country illegally must be identified and deported immediately to send a clear message of deterrence to others. Government-funded benefits for illegals must be ended for the same reason.
The party that refuses to take action on this issue will find itself in trouble come the November midterm elections. After the new House and Senate are inaugurated in January, certain members of that party may even find themselves impeached.

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