20 Feb 2016

Preliminary exit polls in South Carolina show widespread support among Republican primary voters for Donald Trumpís proposal to temporarily ban foreign Muslims from entering the United States. In New Hampshire, 65% of GOP voters back the proposal. In South Carolina, that number jumped to three-quarters of voters.

Forty-percent of voters support Trumpís proposal to deport illegal immigrants.

ABC News:

Preliminary exit poll results indicate that three-quarters of the stateís primary voters support temporarily banning Muslims who are not U.S. citizens from entering the United States. Thatís even more than the support for this proposal among GOP voters in New Hampshire, 65 percent Ė a core support group for Trump in that state.

Many fewer Ė but still more than four in 10 Ė favor deporting undocumented immigrants, another very strong group for Trump in New Hampshire. And, in another helpful result for Trump, four in 10 pick him among five top candidates as best able to handle the economy Ė twice as many as pick his nearest competitor on this issue, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Nearly three-quarters describe themselves as evangelicals, an increase from 65% in 2012. Eighty percent identified as conservatives; 40% as very conservative.

These numbers can change as more voters are polled.