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Thread: Trump Endorses John McCain at Wisconsin Rally

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    Judy wrote (excerpt):

    I was reading some of the Facebook comments, and Trump Supporters all support his decision, expressing their disappointment that to have party "unity" it was necessary, blaming the party establishment, not Trump.
    Based on principle, this Trump supporter was adamantly opposed to his endorsement of Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, and John McCain! I see the endorsement of Paul Ryan as a spit in Nehlen's face. Nehlen took the new like a good soldier, but it is very apparent that the system is rigged for the incumbents. Too bad Trump became part of the system he has verbally stood against so many times. Yesterday was not a good day for supporters like me.

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    It was not a good day for Trump, look at his face in that second photo in one of the thread articles where he's pursing his lips, he literally forced himself to read the endorsement, and of course it was not a good day for Trump Supporters either who all oppose Ryan and McCain. But this is the way I look at it, and then you tell me if I'm wrong, and I'll listen.

    There are times when you have to break your principles in order to preserve them. For example, people who are Pro-Life approve of taking life, even innocent life, in Wars. People who are for Peace, readily fight Wars to achieve it. In war, there are times that you retreat and fight another day. In war, you form alliances with countries whose principles and leaders you oppose, to protect your own.

    In this political war, like in most wars that are actually won, nothing matters except winning the damn thing. That's why we won WWII in 3 years and 8 months and all our Veterans who came home refused to talk about it and why they didn't want a Memorial, they did what they had to do to WIN.

    And likewise, that is why we haven't really won one since.

    Everyone needs to put their WWII Hat On and do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to win this election. On the one hand, I'm satisfied to see that Trump is willing to do that, that tells me that IF as Commander In Chief, we ever have to fight a war under Donald Trump, as hard as it may be, his orders and instructions will be based on WINNING THE DAMN THING, FAST, even if certain things that are done in such a war are against our "principles".

    It's WWII times. If Trump doesn't win this thing, we are sitting ducks for anyone who wants to take US, with any type of invasion they want to put into play. We see our borders wide open and our government bowing to the invaders. We see NATO taking US for a ride. We see North Korea merrily building their nuclear weapons. Iran has been enriched and emboldened. ISIS is spreading faster than the Zika Virus.

    European Leaders announce our elections in the US are "global elections" and TPP supporters from Singapore claim in a press conference with our President in our country that if we don't approve TPP there will be consequences as if as Hollande from France stated the US economy is as much theirs to take from as their own because the US economy is a "global economy".

    It's all on the line and our only hope to save our nation is Donald Trump. All soldiers are disappointed with a loss or a setback, but we don't blame the General, we blame the Enemy, and get ready for the next Charge.

    Think about D-Day. All those soldiers drowning before they got to shore. They didn't crawl back on the boats and drive away. They kept going and kicked-ass.

    That's what we have to do. And I know that's what Trump is going to do. Oh, and the payback Ryan's going to get, well, we all want to see that, don't we?!! He's Speaker now, but he won't be Speaker next year, hell, after that awful stunt his arrogance, weakness and evil pushed him into with Nehlen at the Trump Rally, he may not win on Tuesday.

    Not even a Wisconsin Republican will support that kind of crap, will they? I guess we'll find out about their "principles" on Tuesday.
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    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
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