“Do you want to continue to lie ..."

by Kevin Whitson August 26, 2016 at 1:23pm

Pastor and Trump supporter Mark Burns was accosted by a protesting illegal immigrant Thursday outside the Trump Tower in New York City.

The confrontation began when the unnamed protester asked, “Do you support a racist? Can I get a yes or no answer? Do you support Donald Trump?”

Burns politely responded, “Donald Trump is not a racist.”

“So you support a racist, OK,” the self-described undocumented immigrant shouted.

“And so do you want me and my family to get deported? Do you want my mother and my little sister to be separated? Do you want my mother to be deported? Do you want my mother and father to be deported? Do you want my little sister to be separated from her mother?” he asked loudly and repeatedly.

Burns replied, “Just because you’re loud, and just because you’re talking louder than me, don’t make you right, don’t make it proper. The fact of the matter is –”

“I’m asking you a question,” the protester interrupted.

“There is a proper way for you, sir –,” the pastor said before being cut off again by the same repeatedly shouted questions.

“Get your facts right, because Donald Trump is not a racist,” Burns stated, turning toward the Trump Tower.

Before entering the building, though, he turned again to the protester and posed his own question, “Do you want to continue to lie and [give] wrong characteristics of a person?”

Burns later discussed the incident on Fox News’ Your World With Neil Cavuto hosted by guest host Stuart Varney.

Varney asked Burns, “Does this kind of thing happen a lot?”

The pastor replied, “I don’t want to say it happens a lot,” he answered, “but people do know who I am across this country because I stand for righteousness and stand for unity.”

Burns added that in the current political climate, “It’s almost wrong to be proud to be an American.”

The pastor also discussed his meeting with Trump and African-American and Hispanic leaders.

Varney asked how the meeting went. Burns replied, “Very positive!”

“It was absolutely a unified front, to see these young men and women, African-Americans and Hispanics voicing their opinions and giving up solutions for Mr. Trump to continue to echo unification within this country and to deal with our issues,” the pastor said.