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Thread: Trump tells Black citizens he will protect their jobs and create new jobs

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    Trump tells Black citizens he will protect their jobs and create new jobs

    See Donald Trump trying to reach out to minority voters

    ”Black Republicans cheer Donald Trump for a newfound outreach to African-Americans, but say the GOP presidential nominee must take his message beyond arenas filled with white supporters and venture into the inner cities.”

    I'm glad to see that Trump is finally addressing the issue of how Black and Puerto Rican American citizens are being squeezed out of the job market by illegal aliens who work off the books, below the going wage and do not pay taxes on their earned wages. This is how they compete with American citizens for jobs and Hillary doesn't give a twit how this affects Black and Puerto Rican American citizens.


    And what is Hillary Clinton’s plan regarding the importation of the destitute populations of war torn Islamic countries into the United States which in turn increases the number of government fed cheese eaters? See the following video to hear Hillary in her own words! CLICK HERE

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    Hillary Clinton campaign in desperado mode

    Considering Hillary Clinton has responded to Trump's message to Blacks and Hispanics with the race card and a racist tv ad, her campaign is in desperado mode.

    One can bet the Democrat Party Leadership will always play the race card to reel in the black and Hispanic vote when they think they may loose an election. But I think minorities are finally waking up to the fact that the only time democrat politicians talk about the plight of the minority community is during election time. And after the election, they immediately do the pay to play thing with the rich and powerful, as Hillary has been doing with her money laundering Foundation.


    If we can make 51 percent of America’s population dependent uponan Obama, welfare, food stamp, section 8 housing, college loan check, and nowfree Obamacare, wecan blackmail them for their vote, keep ourselves in power and keep theremaining portion of America’s productive population enslaved to pay the bills____ Our Washington Establishment’s Free Cheese Democracy, designed toestablish a federal plantation which redistributes wealth that wage earners,business and investors have worked to create.

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