• CA women's shelters now only taking illegal aliens

    A confidential source within the Marin County (Calif.) Sheriff's Office recently contacted this columnist through a mutual friend and told a rather disturbing tale of his failed experience in trying to place a woman and her child, who were both in grave danger. The woman was a trial witness, set to testify against her boyfriend, who is a gang member.

    The woman lived in Marin City with her daughter, and when threatened by the gang, she went to stay with a friend and left her young daughter (under five years of age) with a family member. Sadly, the little girl was molested by that same family member, according to the anonymous source.

    August 23, 2014
    Dave Gibson

    The woman, then contacted an investigator, who then began searching for a safe place for the woman and the little girl to stay, at least until the trial ended.

    "I called shelters throughout Northern California to place this woman and her child, and I was asked the same question each time...'Is she undocumented? Or, 'Are they recent arrivals?'"

    "And, when I replied: 'No, she is a citizen,' I was always given the same response...'There's nothing we can do, we are only taking refugees, or undocumented at this time.'"

    "I was livid," said the source. (In order to protect the identity of both the victims and the source, this reporter has chosen not to publish any additional details about the case.)

    This account confirms what many of us have been hearing for the last few months...The needs arising from the recent surge of illegal aliens pouring over the U.S.-Mexican border, are now taking priority over those of our own citizens.

    Further evidence of this can be found in a recent report, detailing how the Dekalb County (Ga.) School District is being flooded with illegal alien minors, registering for the upcoming school year. "Nearly two hundred families with immigrant children had lined up outside a school registration facility in DeKalb County Monday by the time officials arrived around 7:30 a.m," the article stated.

    Of course, the good citizens of Dekalb County will be forced to pay the bills for these foreign nationals, in an already overcrowded school system.

    Additionally, President Obama recently requested $15 million to provide Department of Justice lawyers for the thousands of so-called 'unaccompanied minors,' in order to defend them against deportation proceedings, and another $1.1 million for taxpayer-provided 'immigration litigation attorneys' to represent adult illegal aliens in their deportation proceedings, Fox News reported.
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