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Thread: IS the GOP driving America toward a REVOLUTION? Quite Possibly!

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    IS the GOP driving America toward a REVOLUTION? Quite Possibly!

    IS the GOP driving America toward a REVOLUTION? Quite Possibly!

    There is scarcely a day that goes by that I don’t receive emails or messages via social media or direct from patriots screaming “so when does the revolution begin?”

    There is zero doubt that America has reached (or is about to) her tipping point. Americans as a whole are frustrated and many are financially worse off than they were 6 years ago when “Mr. Hope and Change” entered the picture. Between watching the slow evaporation of the 401K you worked so hard for, the company you just spent 23 years devoting your life too (go bankrupt), the abuses of the IRS, NSA, ATF, Obamacare, Corruption beyond comprehension, lies, lies and more lies-Americans have had it up to here (picture me running my finger across my forehead). The straw that has broken the camels back was no doubt, the Emperor Obama acting as an Emperor (by signing amnesty for millions of illegal aliens) and the Republicans announcing (once again) their collective lack of will to do anything about it.

    United States Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said this a couple of nights ago;

    “No, we’re not going to impeach President Obama. Or have a move to impeach,” Sessions said at a Heritage Foundation event and then added, “The president has certain powers and we truly believe — and I think it’s accurate to say that he abused those powers.”

    Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) has yet to address the topic of bringing Impeachment to floor of the House in regards to this latest “abuse of power” by President Obama.


    Don’t misunderstand (and all of you need to realize); THIS IS A PROBLEM and a VERY LARGE PROBLEM at that!
    The American people do understand “RIGHT FROM WRONG“! The American people and particularly conservative American people (of which there are 100 million or more) believe in our Constitution. When you have Judge after Judge, Senior Legal Analyst after Constitutional Scholar after Legal Eagle go on national television and tell the American people; This President has in fact over-stepped his Constitutional authority and you the Republican Party tell us “we will do nothing about it” then; this is a problem.


    These 100 million Republicans/Tea Party (of which there are about 30 million)/Conservatives are looking to you (the Senior Republican Leadership) to safe-guard our Constitution and Bill of Rights from this Presidents further abuse. THIS IS WHY YOU WERE ELECTED AND RE-ELECTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!

    You were not elected and re-elected because of a crappy economy or a litany of other reasons. YOU WERE ELECTED AND RE-ELECTED because of the flagrant abuse of our Constitution by this President in a wide array of areas. Starting with the IRS abuses, the NSA abuses, the handing out of money to the Muslim Brotherhood (who we know funds, supports and arms terrorist organizations and who want to kill us). Then the cramming of Obamacare down our collective throats and now granting amnesty to millions ofILLEGAL ALIENS that have simply walked into our nation. THIS IS WHY YOU WERE ELECTED AND RE-ELECTED. YOU WERE SENT TO WASHINGTON TO STOP THIS PRESIDENT and for no other reason!

    Let us chase a rabbit for a moment to better illustrate what I am saying.

    Imagine Christopher Columbus out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. He has been out there for several weeks and still no land. He doesn’t know for certain that land lies ahead, but he has darned good idea. His sailors are becoming very agitated. Why? We know this happened because it is a historical fact. We know that the sailors aboard the Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria very nearly committed mutiny on our friend Chris. They were committing mutiny because they were afraid that Christopher had acquired permanent brain damage and was leading them to hell or someplace worse. They had lost faith in his leadership ability. It is that simple.

    Americans are the first to go to war for supporting “what is right” and the “right thing to do”. We always have. Americans are the first to support “standing on the side of righteousness” even if it is costly. We do this because we are for the most part a “Bible believing nation” and the bulk of our citizens are Christians.

    Senators Sessions, McConnell, Cruz, Paul, Lee, Ernst (our newest conservative hero) and the rest; know this and carve it in stone, we the American people WANT THIS PRESIDENT IMPEACHED!

    WE THE PEOPLE know that you may or may not get a conviction in the Senate, but you can darned well get charges brought in the House. President Obama and the American people need to finally witness the total corruption that this President has been leading by and it all needs to air on the floor of the House of Representatives. Bring it to the floor of the Senate. If he is convicted, then fabulous. If he is not, at least the right thing has been done and the American people can and will hold those Senators accountable that failed to vote for conviction in the next election.


    The American people WANT THIS DONE! IF you fail to hold this President responsible for this very flagrant abuse of our Constitution, we know that it is for political reasons. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ANY LONGER!

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    I know that I've reached that point, now in the 25th year since a Reagan sponsored alien killed my son,, and I've been relatively loud and open about common sense solutions to be applied over those 25 years.

    I've been reflecting upon what is the right way of drawing serious common sense and emotional attention to a long term problem in America. For a point of reference, today is Nov 25. 2014, the day after the grand jury decision in Ferguson, MO. Last night much of Ferguson's business district burned, burned by those shouting for justice as they believe in Justice. Today, the President and all of MSM are talking about changes.

    The way it seams, fighting government at the voting polls and with lobbyists are noises sent to deaf ears unless you have deep pockets for their campaign expense! Set main street afire, immediately you have the U.S. presidents attention. If you have any questions about getting attention from government about governing wrongfully, one way assured to receive attention was displayed the night of Nov. 24, 2014 in the small town of Ferguson ,MO!!

    Is there ANY question that the GOP is ENCOURAGING a revolution?? It does not seem to be questionable, but obvious!

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    Something is going to happen, who knows what.

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