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    “Ireland Is Rising” and #Ireland Is Full. Irish Patriots Have Had Enough Of The Great

    “Ireland Is Rising” and #Ireland Is Full. Irish Patriots Have Had Enough Of The Great Replacement

    Pádraic O'Bannon

    Ireland’s communist media can spin pro-”migrant” tales of woe all they want [“Only a matter of time before someone is killed”: Hundreds attend anti-racism event in Ashtown, by Órla Ryan, The Journal, January 30, 2023].

    They can portray rank-and-file, anti-immigration Irish as “racist.” And they can pretend the Great Replacement is a “white supremacist conspiracy theory.” But they can’t stop the Irish from protesting, or hide the usual result of “refugee” resettlement: “migrant” rapists and violent criminals running amok. Nor can they stop Irishmen from fighting back.

    Video posted to Twitter tells the tale of mass influx of migrants, the violence, and the protests:

    There are several videos at the link below...

    Since November, patriots have protested the mass resettlement of fake refugees [East Wall residents protest against new refugee accommodation, by Colm Keena, Irish Times, November 20, 2022].

    Some are so angry they’ve done things they would never do if their country weren’t being invaded, and their leaders weren’t aiding and abetting the invasion.

    Like burn down a building for “asylum seekers” [Man charged with threatening to burn down asylum seeker accommodation, by Conor Lally and Conor Gallagher, Irish Times, January 12, 2023].

    One such building did go up in flames.

    Leftists, of course, want to shut down protests because the Great Replacers are offended.

    “Labour councillor Joe Costello has called for the possibility of banning protesters from such locations and for gardaí to be given powers to prevent people from staging demonstrations in certain areas to counter what he claimed was the new phenomenon of ‘a lot of marches and a lot of very raucous, angry, intimidatory activity,’” reported Seán McCárthaigh of the Irish Times:

    Addressing a meeting of Dublin city’s Joint Policing Committee (JPC) on Monday, Mr Costello said protests outside people’s homes were “an invasion of privacy”.

    He added: “It’s an invasion of personal safety. It’s intimidation and we have racism and xenophobia.”

    [Call for ban on protests outside refugee accommodation and people’s homes, January 30, 2023]

    But the patriots don’t like being called “racists” or “far right” for trying to keep Ireland Irish. They showed up en masse outside the Irish Times to put its communist, pro-”migrant” staffers on notice:

    Video also delivers this good news: The Irish haven’t surrendered. Peter Brimelow has predicted that this country’s Great Replacement invasion and the attack on whites by the Ruling Class and its communist, Antifa street army “will come to blood.” In Ireland, it has come to blood. That means Ireland’s anti-Irish Ruling Class is on notice, too.

    VIDEOS AT LINK showing violent attacks...

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    Send these animals back home!

    They are riding bikes and kicking women in the head. They are terrorizing people on buses, in the streets, and on the trains.

    They are destroying our cities that they invade.

    Many of these people are angry, violent, raping men, with Low IQ, no education, STD's, diseases, and mental problems due to their Cultural upbringing. A lot of this is due to generations of inbreeding, tribal way of life, and are schizophrenic.

    These rotten politicians work for us! We have the right to stop ALL immigration at any time WE deem necessary! Get these animals off our soil.

    The videos are horrific!

    We are going to have Civil War in all our countries if this invasion does not stop. Damn you people in office that have destroyed our lives by dumping these violent vermin on us and stealing OUR money to pay for it.


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