6:46 PM 05/10/2014
Neil Munro
The Daily Caller

A new campaign-trail pledge to vote against any immigration increases took center stage in the Nebraska GOP Senate primary race on Friday, when candidate Shane Osborne slammed his rival for not signing the pledge and also charged him with deception.

“Nebraskans are learning that Ben Sasse isn’t the candidate he’s pretending to be [and] on the most important issues of the day, from Immigration to ObamaCare, Sasse is no conservative,” said a statement from the campaign, only four days before voting begins on Tuesday.

“We had not heard of this pledge until late morning today,” Sasse’s spokesman, Jordan Gerhke said Friday when The Daily Caller asked if Sasse would sign the pledge to vote against increased immigration.

“We are getting in touch with [the organizers], to be briefed on their pledge and to have a serious policy discussion,” he said.

The pledge dispute emerged the same day that The Daily Caller discovered that the university run by Ben Sasse, the other leading candidate in the three-person race, had requested visas to bring in several low-wage foreign graduates for jobs that could be performed by Americans.

In 2013, Midland University asked the federal government for approval to import an adjunct professor of economics, a sports coach and an admissions counselor. In 2012, Sasse’s university asked to import a soccer coach and a computer expert, instead of hiring young Americans.

“Our campaign will continue to focus on Shane [Osborne’s] opposition to amnesty,” said a statement from Obsorne’s press secretary, Bill Novotny.

“I cannot comment on Midland’s hiring practices but it does appear that once again Ben’s [immigration] rhetoric does not match his actions,” he added.

Sasse’s spokesman said he only learned of the foreign hiring from the TheDC, and promised to find out about the circumstances.

One of the requests was for a British person to teach British-themed soccer, Gehrke said, adding “I can’t speak to anything else.”

The hiring of guest-worker graduates by universities is widespread, uncapped, unrestricted, rarely rejected by the federal government, and rarely described in the media.