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    Chamber of Commerce Considering Legal Action to Block Mexico Tariffs

    Chamber of Commerce Considering Legal Action to Block Mexico Tariffs

    May 31, 2019

    John Carney

    The powerful U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which advocates for cheap labor policies and opposes American First trade initiatives, toldreporters Friday that it is considering all options, including legal challenges, to thwart the Trump administration’s policy.

    “We have no choice but to pursue every option available to push back,” Neil Bradley, executive vice president and chief policy officer at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said Friday.

    President Donald Trump said Thursday that he will impose a 5 percent tariff on goods imported from Mexico if the Mexican government does not stem the flow of illegal immigrants from Central America.

    Chamber of Commerce President and chief executive Tom Donahue told the Washington Post in April that the U.S. needed more legal immigration because the country is “out of people.” The chamber has pushed for legal protection for so-called “Dreamers” and led political resistance to efforts to deport more illegal border crossers.

    The chamber began 2019 by opposing legislation that would have allowed President Donald Trump to impose reciprocal tariffs on specific foreign imports.
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    We are not "out of people"...millions are homeless on our streets!

    No Dreamers...let them go make their country great. They have no right to stay here.

    And these people pouring over our border are full of diseases, uneducated, criminals, pregnant, have no money to support themselves, do not speak English and have NO right to pour over our border!

    No free stuff for any of them. Send the bill to the Chamber of Commerce!


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