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    Coulter Warns No More Big Numbers for GOP Debates If ‘Invasion By Illegals’ Isn’t Sto

    Coulter Warns No More Big Numbers for GOP Debates If ‘Invasion By Illegals’ Isn’t Stopped

    by Jeff Poor
    8 Aug 2015

    On Friday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Ann Coulter, author of “Adios, America” took on GOPAC chairman David Avella, who insisted that all the GOP presidential candidates were in favor of securing the southern U.S. border with Mexico.

    Coulter, however, argued they weren’t by saying if they’re not for at least a fence, then they’re not being forthright on the issue. She went on to say if the “invasion by illegals” continues, the Republican Party will become irrelevant, as it has in California.

    Transcript as follows:

    HANNITY: Here with reaction, author of “The New York Times” bestseller “Adios, America, The Left’s Plan to Turn our Country into a Third World Hellhole” Ann Coulter, and the chairman of GOPAC David Avila is with us who I ran into at the debate last night and had our own separate debate. Good to see you both.


    HANNITY: You actually said to me that you need to have me on because I’m establishment.

    AVELLA: I said I was a good conservative.

    HANNITY: OK. That’s what you said to me last night. So here’s my point to you. The anger that conservatives have towards the Republican Party is they promised they would repeal Obamacare. They had symbolic votes but they wouldn’t use the power of the purse because they were afraid they’d be blamed for a shutdown. They said in 2014, oh, elect us, we’ll stop executive amnesty, unconstitutional, executive amnesty, and they ended up funding it because again they were timid and afraid they’d get blamed. That to me is almost unforgivable. If you give your word, you promise, you’ve got to keep your word. That’s why conservatives are angry. Your response?

    AVELLA: Conservatives have a right to be fired up to want a president who will actually do things to secure the border and defund sanctuary cities and get better at cyber security.

    HANNITY: But they didn’t do it.

    AVELLA: We have legislation in Congress right now that would do that. We have a president that no matter how much funding we give to congress, no how many times we shut down the government, he’s not going to build this fence.

    HANNITY: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) stood out there by himself and every one of them had made the same promise, and they abandoned him. That’s why we’re mad.

    AVELLA: Sean, I understand that. We have had in place legislation and funding to build the fence. We haven’t had a president willing to do that. And that’s why this election in 2016 is so important. The only way we get a secure border is to have a Republican president —

    HANNITY: Ann Coulter, let me bring you in here. So why don’t they fight?

    ANN COULTER, AUTHOR, “ADIOS, AMERICA”: Well, amnesty is the big issue. David is right. Congress has voted for a fence three or four times. It never gets built. And it’s not just Obama. It’s not just Obama. It’s Republican presidents as well. Thus the emergence of Donald Trump.

    And that’s why when he raised his hand at the beginning, I flatly disagree with your point and his point that the reason he says he won’t support the nominee unless it’s him, and it’s looking like it might be, is just to maintain leverage. That is when he should have said, no, if any of these candidates will not address the most important issue of our time, this invasion of our borders and invasion by illegals, no, I’m sorry, party does not take precedence over that.

    HANNITY: Did Cruz not do that last night? I heard him do that.

    COULTER: No, but when they were raising their hands — they. One of them raised their hands saying he wouldn’t support the eventual nominee. And I think that was something I would like to see a lot more in the debate.

    What I would like to see — I noticed this watching this — I liked to see when the Republicans disagree about things. This is why we’re talking about Christie and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). You can have one general question where they all distinguish themselves from the Democrats. But let’s hear what the positions are on the fence. They all say, including Rubio, for Pete’s sake, and Kasich who started talked about the Ohio budget rather than whether he’d put a fence up, no, most of them won’t put a fence up, and most of them have BS excuses for why they’d wouldn’t. Rubio says because El Chapo built a tunnel. Yes, it’s a completely corrupt country, which is what our country is becoming. Somehow El Chapo didn’t build a tunnel under Israel’s fence. That has managed to work.

    AVELLA: This is a false argument. There is not a person on either one of those two stages that isn’t for securing the border.

    COULTER: That’s not what I said. It’s not a fence, it’s a lie.

    AVELLA: How does the math get us to electing a Republican president when conservatives have to make a choice, are they going to support a nominee that is for single payer healthcare, that’s for higher taxes, that’s pro- choice, that’s for gun control? What conservatives get fired up about going out and voting in that election? And how do we elect a Republican president that way?

    COULTER: I assume you’re talking about Donald Trump. And I thought he had a great response last night. Ronald Reagan used to be for abortion. He signed the most liberal abortion law in the country when he was governor of California. You are going back 20 years ago of a businessman.

    None of those issues — you are going to lose every single one of those issues, nobody is ever going to watch a Republican debate again if we don’t stop the invasion. The entire country becomes California and Republican debates will be as interesting as Republican debates are in California right now. Nobody cares because no Republican didn’t get elected. So FOX can enjoy its 24 or 30 million viewers last night. Any future Republican debates and all the issues you talk about are utterly irrelevant if we continue this surge of foreign voters. Americans are going Republican. We’re being out-voted by non-Americans the Democrats are bringing in to vote for them.

    HANNITY: I’ve got to leave it there. Thank you both for being with us.
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    Ann Coulter: The Entire Country Will Become California If We Don’t Stop Border Invasion

    California has become a cesspool of crime and is battling insane levels of debt, which is probably why so many people are moving out of the state as fast as they can. And according to Ann

    Coulter, the rest of the country is doomed to follow.

    Ann Coulter said on last night’s “Hannity” that “the entire country becomes California” if we don’t stop the “invasion of our borders.”

    She sparred with GOPAC Chairman David Avella, who said that all Republican candidates are in favor of securing the Mexican border.

    “If it’s not a fence, it’s a lie,” she said.

    Coulter said that most of the Republican candidates are against putting up a fence on the southern border, and she said they have “BS excuses” for why they wouldn’t.

    “Rubio says, ‘Because El Chapo built a tunnel.’ Yeah, it’s a completely corrupt country, which is what our country is becoming. Somehow El Chapo didn’t build a tunnel under Israel’s fence. That fence managed to work,” Coulter said.

    Between illegal immigrant crime waves and forcing taxpayers to pay for benefits that these criminals do not deserve, it’s no surprise that California is in horrible condition. And there is no reason for

    any GOP candidate to not be coming down hard on this epidemic.
    Ann Coulter: The Entire Country Will Become California If We Don?t Stop Border Invasion | John Hawkins' Right Wing News

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