The south of the Border ILLEGAL invaders are moving North along with their family values our past President often proudly stated. Again and again he stated the U.S. was lucky that the ILLEGALS didn't leave their family values south of the Border while they continue to invade the United States. Of course he failed to mention all of the murders, drugs, rapes and various other values the ILLEGAL invasion would produce now including animal cruelty. The violence will scurry north into our Nation the same as the ILLEGAL invaders have been successful in accomplishing; but not to worry the Special Interest Groups and Elitist Political Contributors will continue to prosper with their cheap labor furnished to the ILLEGAL EMPLOYERS by the ILLEGAL invaders. Of course since Arizona signed into law a bill to PROTECT their CITIZENS from the ILLEGALS and their family values they will scurry over to their bordering states. Not good news for the rest of us. I have emailed my state senator and representative a copy of Arizona's bill requesting they do the same for their Citizens.

Governor candidate killed in north Mexico
Associated Press
June 28, 2010, 1:29PM

Fernando Gomez-Mont

MEXICO CITY — The front-running candidate for governor in northern Tamaulipas state has been shot to death along with four other people.

Interior Secretary Fernando Gomez-Mont says candidate Rodolfo Torre of the Institutional Revolutionary Party was killed.

Gomez-Mont suggested that drug cartels were involved in the killing, saying "these events reinforce the need to combat organized crime."

It would be the first killing of a gubernatorial candidate in recent Mexican history. Presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio was assassinated in 1994. He was also from the Revolutionary Party, known as the PRI.