Father Gives Heartbreaking Plea on Anniversary of His Son’s Murder by an Illegal Immigrant

Amber Randall March 02, 2017

The father of a son killed by an illegal immigrant spoke about how the media ignores the victims of those crimes.

Jamiel Shaw Sr., a guest at President Donald Trump’s joint address to Congress Tuesday, spoke on the anniversary of his son’s death. Shaw mentioned how the media ignores these crimes and the families of the victims.

“In L.A. they won’t even mention when they commit crimes. They shut me down. All the newspapers won’t report on anything I do,” Shaw said. “They don’t want people to know that there’s people fighting for justice. Everybody’s not an illegal alien lover.”

Shaw’s son was a player of the year fielding offers from Stanford and Rutgers when he was gunned down. The illegal alien was facing his third gun charge at the time.

He said he found it insulting when Democrats booed during Trump’s comments on immigration.

“It hurt my feelings. Especially when you have the Black Caucasus, they say they stand up for black people. But here is a black kid who wasn’t bothering anybody, no criminal history,” Shaw said.

Democrats have accused him of “being used by the white man,” according to Shaw.

“They accuse me of starting a race riot, accuse me of being a racist, I’m a sellout. Stuff like that,” Shaw said. “I’m fighting for my son. I’m pissed off. We had plans.”