Hillary Suggested Mexico Was Hypocritical on Illegal Immigration: 'You Should Take the Log from Your Own Eye...'

By Susan Jones | September 1, 2015 | 11:19 AM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton suggested that Mexico was hypocritical in criticizing the State of Arizona for cracking down on illegal immigration when Mexico does the same thing.

Her May 20, 2010 email to one of her State Department aides said Mexico's treatment of the undocumented was "Another example of 'you should take the log from your own eye before criticizing the speck in your neighbor's.'"

Clinton sent that email on the same day that then-Mexican President Felipe Calderon addressed a joint session of the U.S. Congress, criticizing Arizona's strict new immigration law. (The Supreme Court, at the Obama administration's request, later struck down three of the law's four provisions.)

"It is a law that not only ignores a reality that cannot be erased by decree but also introduces a terrible idea of using racial profiling as a basis for law enforcement," Calderon complained to Congress.

Calderon also urged Congress to "fix a broken and inefficient system" by passing comprehensive immigration reform.

But in an email to Clinton the day before Calderon spoke, State Department adviser and Clinton aide Jacob Sullivan explained how Mexico treats illegal aliens who cross into its territory:

"Mexican law enforcement officials cannot stop individuals and require proof of migratory status," he wrote. But Sullivan also told Clinton that Mexican officials -- like Arizona officials -- are authorized to request "proof of migratory status" when they make official contact with people during traffic stops or other investigations.

"They do this in practice routinely," Sullivan wrote. "Frequently, individuals who cannot prove legal status are referred to INM (the Mexican equivalent of U.S. Customs and Border Protection). "In practice, GoM (Mexician government) authorities at all levels engage in exploitative treatment of migrants, primarily Central Americans heading to the US. These abuses have been well documented by international human rights groups, as well as by multiple documentary and news media reports."

Hillary's response: "Another example of "you should take the log from your own eye before criticizing the speck in your neighbor's."

The Obama administration strongly opposed Arizona's immigration law and sued to block it.

Here is the May 19-20, 2010 email exchange, which was released Monday night by the State Department: