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Thread: ICE is Planning to Let Illegal Alien Invaders Loose in Tennessee

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    ICE is Planning to Let Illegal Alien Invaders Loose in Tennessee

    ICE is Planning to Let Illegal Alien Invaders Loose in Tennessee

    Jose Nino | Dec 25, 2022

    Last week, Tennessee Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty and Tennessee Governor Bill Lee sent a letter to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) demanding a response on its plans to transport illegal alien invaders from New Orleans to the state.

    On Twitter, Blackburn expressed her anger with ICE’s lack of transparency declaring that “ICE can respond to media requests about trafficking illegal immigrants to Tennessee, but won’t get back to us with information about who they are dropping off in our state.”

    On December 21, 2022, Blackburn stated on Fox News that the plan is to have “50 at a time” and “at least two buses, maybe more, every single week” go into Tennessee.

    Chase Smith of The Epoch Times noted that ICE responded to a request sent from The Epoch Times calling for more information about their plain. ICE replied by noting that illegal alien invaders have not been transported into the state.

    ICE revealed that it had not transported non-citizens for release to Tennessee yet. However, officials are communicating with pro-mass migration non-government organizations (NGOs) in Nashville, which are working to “assist with noncitizens that may be transported to the Nashville area.”

    “Noncitizens apprehended and determined to need custodial supervision are placed in detention facilities and those released from secure custody are part of ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) non-detained docket,” an ICE spokesperson stated in email correspondence. “ERO officers weigh a variety of factors when making general custody determinations, including criminal record, immigration history, community ties, flight risk, and whether the individual poses a potential threat to public safety.”

    The spokesperson also noted that non-citizens placed on ICE’s non-detained docket are enrolled in the agency’s “Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program.” According to Chase Smith, “The ATD uses technology, case management, and other tools to manage compliance of individuals with their release conditions.”
    ICE did not publish information about the NGOs they were cooperating with. However, the letter that Blackburn and Hagerty sent to ICE Acting Director Tae Johnson identified the organization as the Tennessee Immigration and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC).

    “We have learned that the New Orleans ICE field office has been working in coordination with TIRRC, a left-wing immigration advocacy group, to bus these immigrants to Tennessee,” the senators declared in their letter. “We have learned that as many as 50 single-adult, detained illegal immigrants could be bused to Tennessee at a time, with the possibility of multiple busloads each week. Further, these individuals would be released into Tennessee while they await court proceedings.”

    The senators express their concerns with the report and are demanding more information due to “previous instances of ICE busing immigrants to Tennessee without notice.”

    The office of Governor Bill Lee claimed that the notices it received from the Biden regime on December 19 are the first time federal officials have informed the state of plans to relocate“single adult detainees into Tennessee.” The governor’s office noted that it had not received additional details.

    “We know that ICE is seeking to move these single adult detainees to Tennessee, as the federal government is overwhelmed by the continued flood of people and drugs illegally moving across the nation’s border,” a representative for the governor’s office stated in an email. “As you may have seen, ICE has said they are working with the TIRRC in Nashville. However, the federal government still has not provided real transparency into the vetting process or included answers as to when, where and how many illegal migrants they intend to transport to Tennessee. We continue to demand answers and demand they change this plan.”

    On December 21, Lee stated on Fox News that “this is something new for Tennessee.” He continued by highlighting that the Biden regime “is requiring Tennesseans to pay the price for their failures.”

    “Tennesseans are already paying a huge price in the way of fentanyl deaths and trafficking—we’re already paying a price,” he stated. “But now we’re being asked to pay a greater price for the failure at the border and we can’t take that much longer. Americans can’t take this much longer.”

    No red state is safe from Open Borders Inc.’s unholy agenda. The goal here is to demographically transform the entire nation. For the cultural Left, every state, county, and city that remains red must be demographically transformed so that the election of a new people can be consumatted.

    To avoid the destruction of the Historic American Nation, we must implement an immigration moratorium, secure the border, and severely punish the non-governmental organizations that facilitate the Great Replacement.

    The time for persuading others is over. It’s time to legislate.

    ICE is Planning to Let Illegal Alien Invaders Loose in Tennessee - Big League Politics
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Let them loose at Joey's house in Rehoboth Beach!


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