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    And, don't forget, India alone outnumbers us almost 4 to 1, and is cranking out degreed people like crazy expressly for the purpose of getting work from the west, by whatever means.
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    I can't read past the first paragraph of this--it makes me so sick. I don't understand this attitude of arrogance and superiority they have, like we OWE them these green cards, when this is supposed to be a NON-immigrant visa most are here on. Obviously, this is another facet of the immigration system in America that is not working as it was meant to, and Boosh doesn't intend for it to. I guess there's no such thing as ethics and morals where they come from. They never even plan to use their visas as they were intended.

    USPatriot said
    All this going on while our brave men & women fight and die in Iraq to keep us safe from terrorist while our government dismantles our country,destroys citizens wage base and our way of life !!!
    This is the real tragedy in all of this--we are being destroyed from the inside out! I pray we're not fighting a losing battle!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MW
    I thought this was an interesting read: ... -bill.html
    I just read this report and now have smoke coming out of my ears.

    Who gave Bill Gates his start,was it India? Oh No it was Us Citizens who believed in him and bought his computers and now he Betrays us.........
    "A Government big enough to give you everything you want,is strong enough to take everything you have"* Thomas Jefferson

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    Hi BR, Kate, and Sosadforus,

    There's a lot of key observations you're coming up with in this message thread... Such as:

    Quote Originally Posted by Betsy Ross
    Finally, back in the 1950's we used to hear the term 'ugly American' used to describe the thoughtless, ignorant and arrogant behavior of some Americans overseas. Maybe this is the age of the 'ugly Asian' in that many of the same factors of entitlement and ignorance of the host culture are present..
    The H-1B participant(s) in this message thread won't understand your statement. Ahem, cough, cough, who cares!

    Quote Originally Posted by SOSADFORUS
    ...after breaking and entering, nothing else matters, especially their affect on us and our country.
    "Breaking and entering!" You got that right!!!

    Well, lets see....
    Tata does the breaking, his underlings, the H-1Bs, do the entering.

    What part of "We don't owe our jobs to India" are you unable to understand, Senator?

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