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Thread: Jindal on Immigration: 'We Got to Stop the Hyphenated Americans'

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    Jindal on Immigration: 'We Got to Stop the Hyphenated Americans'

    By Cathy Burke | Tuesday, 11 Aug 2015 07:19 PM

    America's immigration problem will only be solved with a secure border, an end to sanctuary cities and a society that insists newcomers assimilate "and get to work," Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal tells Newsmax TV.

    In an exclusive interview with "Newsmax Prime" host J.D. Hayworth, the GOP presidential hopeful said part of the problem also lies with President Barack Obama "out there saying 'don't worry we're not going to enforce.'"

    "We don't need a 1,000 page bill… we don't need amnesty," Jindal declared. "We need to secure the border, get rid of these sanctuary cities … we got to stop the hyphenated Americans."

    "We're all Americans," he added. "People want to come to our country, they should come legally. They should learn English, they should adopt our values and when they get here they should roll up their sleeves and get to work."

    Jindal also railed against the "whole nonsense of sanctuary cities."

    "When did we think as a country [that] the president, the courts, the cities, get to pick and choose which laws they want to enforce, which laws they want to ignore?" he asked.

    Jindal said that in a trip to the border, he witnessed illegal aliens easily gaining entry.

    "I saw three groups come right across in broad daylight," he said. "One group walked across a man-made dam, got to a fence,… they swing the gate wide open. It's not even locked."

    "They're they're not scared of us," he said." This president talks about the power of the pen, the power of the phone. Here's something he can actually do: He can actually fulfill the obligations of his office."

    "The Constitution tells the federal government the one thing they have to do is protect us. One of the ways they can protect us – secure the border," he said.

    Still, building a fence is "not enough by itself," he warned.

    "We got to have more border patrol agents, we have to have more technology, the heat-sensing technology and the helicopters," he said. "Once folks know … they can't simply come to our country illegally, you'll begin to see a dramatic reduction of numbers of people who try."
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    there are just enough immigrants in US if it was't because there is law for legal immigration you could just stop this one too

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