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Thread: John McCain and Jeff Flake Working on Alternate Plan to Address Border Crisis

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    John McCain and Jeff Flake Working on Alternate Plan to Address Border Crisis

    by Charlie Spiering 10 Jul 2014, 2:36 PM PDT

    Sen. John McCain told reporters on Capitol Hill today that he was currently working on an alternate immigration bill for Republicans to offer instead of President Obama’s emergency funding supplement

    McCain previewed the legislation for reporters calling the repeal of the Bush-era 2008 trafficking act a “key element” of the bill, which he expected to introduce this afternoon.

    When asked about other things he wanted in the bill, Flake told Breitbart News that he wanted to not only change the 2008 trafficking act, but wanted increase funding for the court system and beef up some of the consulates in some of the South American countries where the unaccompanied minors were coming from such as Guatemala and .

    McCain also noted that wanted to condition aid to the South American countries based on their cooperation during the crisis.

    “Everybody’s talking,” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said when asked by Breitbart News about what Republicans were planning on doing.

    Sessions agreed that it would be a good idea to repeal the 2008 Trafficking Act, but added that the crisis was easily solved if President Obama wanted to.

    “This is imminently solvable and with good leadership we could achieve dramatic results in a matter of months,” Sessions said, citing the Bush-era effort by DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff to stop the “catch-and-release” border crisis.

    Sessions warned his Republican colleagues who were eager to offer alternate legislation to the president’s request, pointing out that there was a danger of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Democrats using it to their advantage.

    “Anything that is done needs to avoid the danger of any legislation being altered and turned into a Christmas tree for pro-amnesty issues,” he said.

    McCain noted that any progress for comprehensive immigration reform would have to wait until the current crisis was over.

    “We have to give people confidence that this will stop before we can ever make any progress, and that’s the key element,” McCain said.
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    Both McCain and Flake are illegal alien amnesty supporters that are upset that Congress did not pass immigration reform amnesty legislation this year.

    They will try to further the plan to destroy America's border through the pretense of an alternate to Obama's plan!

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    McCain/Flake= disaster on anything to do with immigration.
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    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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    ".....we could achieve good results in a matter of months?" a Senator says. I do not believe that unless more than said here is done that we have months. Is this going to be another stall to get past the elections? For the sake of the nation, I certainly hope not!

    They have already used a matter of months to propose this!

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